boyfriend gave girlfriend 3 Costco hotdogs for their 3-year anniversary

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‘The bar is so low’: Viewers defend boyfriend after he gave girlfriend 3 Costco hotdogs for their 3-year anniversary

'That’s true love right there.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Sep 11, 2023

As any etiquette column will tell you, different anniversaries traditionally mean you give certain kinds of gifts. The first anniversary calls for paper, and the fifth anniversary means you should give a gift made of wood, according to Hallmark.

Hallmark says that the third anniversary should bring leather goods, but a recent viral TikTok makes a great case for a new tradition: three years could mark the Costco hot dog anniversary.

Creator Morgan Shott (@mergtheburg) recently posted the video which has 106,000 views and about 6,000 likes as of Monday.

@mergtheburg Best present ever 3 dogs for 3 years #costco ♬ original sound – Morgan Shott

In the brief TikTok, Shott shows three foil-wrapped hot dogs and explains that her boyfriend gave them as an anniversary gift. She turns the camera on herself, beaming with a smile, and then shows the partner behind the gift.

“Best present ever 3 dogs for 3 years,” Shott wrote in the caption, also hashtagging the video #costco.

Viewers overwhelmingly approved the thoughtful gift of bulk-retailer franks.

“He’s the one,” one comment read. Another person commented, “A real man right there.” One person wrote, “He is a keeper.”

A viewer chimed in, “Unironically my ideal present.”

Another commenter dubbed the gift “a bouquet of Costco dogs.”

“Our next anniversary is five, does that mean 5 dogs or a rotisserie chicken?” another viewer wondered.

One comment read, “Okay but where are the 3 drinks??”

The beloved Costco hot dog’s reputation precedes itself—it even has a Wikipedia page and fan websites—so the reason for Shott’s delight is no mystery. Costco first started selling hot dogs in 1984, and according to Reader’s Digest, the success actually inspired the company to start its food courts.

Even amid widespread inflation, the Costco hot dog combo has remained a stable institution: $1.50 for a hot dog and a drink. (So, that one commenter’s question was valid.) Last year, CEO Craig Jelinek told CNBC that no price increases were on the way

However, the Seattle Times reported last year that some fans think the meaty magic has faded a bit in recent years, citing small changes like the removal of certain condiments from the food court.

Earlier this year, a TikTok creator went viral for a video about signing up for a Costco membership just to access the food court.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shott via TikTok and Costco via email.

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*First Published: Sep 11, 2023, 2:54 pm CDT