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‘Worse than TSA’: Costco shoppers say she was berated for using Apple Pay for items under her sister’s membership card at self-checkout

‘This is literally why I went to Sam’s.’


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Getting through checkout at Costco isn’t as simple as you might think. If you have a membership card, make sure the name on the card matches the name on your payment method. Otherwise, you may find yourself walking out empty handed.

@jess_x166 Worse than TSA 🫤 #costcofinds #fyp #foryoupage ♬ sonido original – SpotifyLyrics

That’s what happened to new Costco member and TikToker Jessica (@jess_x166) when she attempted to pay for her purchases after her first Costco spree. 

In a clip that has amassed over 566,000 views, Jessica filmed herself and a companion happily shopping in the aisles—but the video ended on a sour note after she attempted to use her sister’s Apple Pay to make her purchases. 

After showing themselves selecting several items, the video cuts to Jessica saying, “Guys, nevermind.”

“Don’t get a Costco membership. This is too stressful,” she tells the camera. “They were screaming at [us] because I was paying with my sister’s Apple Pay.”

While Costco accepts mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, the cardholder’s name must match up to the member’s. Although it doesn’t say so expressly on its website, Costco only accepts payment from members. 

In terms of security, Jessica’s companion observes, “This is worse than any airport I’ve ever been to.”

In the caption, the TikToker reiterated, “Worse than TSA.”

A number of viewers agreed with Jessica in the comments.

“This is literally why I went to Sam’s. The self check out at Costco is so hectic and crowded. At Sam’s I just scan on the app and leave,” wrote one person.

“This has always been a rule they’re just being more strict now?” asked another user.

According to Eat This Not That, Costco customers are often stopped due to this policy—even when spouses try to pay. “I have a membership and my husband wants to pay with his credit card. They do not allow that!” said one customer.

Several commenters on the video shared similar experiences.

“My mom was sick in the hospital and I had to bring a literal doctor’s note [and] handwritten letter stating I was buying for her… I wanted to cry.”

“Girl yes, they got mad cause I helped my mom during checkout. She only speaks Spanish and we just left the cart full of stuff there too. We said bye,” another commenter added. 

Jessica does not indicate whether she kept her membership.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Costco via email for further clarification.

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