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‘Sketchy companies don’t like when you put things in writing’: Corporate lawyer shows how to scare your boss’ legal team

‘If you just do it verbally they can deny that you ever did it.’


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No matter what they tell you, corporations aren’t exactly your friends. The goal of a company is generally to make money. This may mean sacrificing employee retention, benefits, and salary for the betterment of the company.

And TikToker Paige Sparks (@lawyerpaige) recently posted a video detailing some practices you can utilize that worry your company lawyers. Just in case.

The clip has been viewed 2.5 million times as of Friday afternoon.

While putting on makeup, Paige began her response video to a comment from an earlier video: “Here are some things that scare your bosses’ lawyer. My name is Paige Sparks and I’m an employment lawyer. I only represent employees, but I know firsthand the things that they do that scare the company they work for.”

Paige began listing and explaining a few simple methods that can help an employee navigate issues at their workplace.

“The scariest thing you can do to your employer is to make a written complaint for specific discrimination that you’re experiencing. Bad companies like it when you’re too afraid to put the word ‘discrimination’ in writing. If you just do it verbally they can deny that you ever did it, or that they even knew you were complaining about discrimination.”

She continued to explain that company lawyers are afraid of the dysfunction and stupidity of their clients. “Internal emails, so emails between company employees are terrifying to employers because sometimes you say crazy sh*t,” she said.

Her list included a boss’ personal vendetta, poor record keeping, and run of the mill contracts riddled with errors. Paige’s message was direct and simple, and it gave viewers a sense of control not many feel at their workplaces.

@lawyerpaige Replying to @Janie Clark some thibgs that acare the company’s lawyer: #law #legal #lawyer #legaltiktok #lawyersoftiktok #employmentlaw #work #hr ♬ original sound – Lawyer Paige

Many commenters messaged her for legal advice.

“I need your help I was fired for discrimination,” one user said.

“I was reprimanded for a shortage at my work that cause a pay reduction and a shift of duties. Even when proved I was correct,” another added.

“Is it legal to put in the handbook when employees are to go to bed, awake, and when they are to eat dinner or breakfast prior to arriving to work?” a third user asked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Paige via TikTok comment.

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