woman giving Viewers divided over corporate advice to say there must be some confusion on your part

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“I like ‘Newsflash buddy’ better”: Viewers divided over corporate advice to say ‘There must be some confusion on your part’ at office

‘These are fighting words.’


Kahron Spearman


A trending TikTok video delivers a dose of controversial corporate advice regarding communication.

TikToker bellllaaboo teaches users how to navigate corporate communication, with all its nuances and unspoken rules. Bella begins her viral video with 2.1 million views by saying, “This is how you tell someone in a professional way, you got me f***** up.”

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Bella drops her gem, suggesting that one should phrase their sentiment as, “There must have been some confusion on your part regarding our last communication, so let me provide some clarity.”

The subtlety of Bella’s corporate speak approach, combined with its undeniable effectiveness, is a winner. But some commenters are busy disentangling the parts. One person corrected her: “You mean passive aggressive.”

Others didn’t quite understand the original sentiment. “You lost me at ‘confusion on your part,’” one commenter wrote. “Its usually ‘I apologize for the confusion, to provide clarity.’” Another stated: “Remove ‘on your part’ to reduce defensiveness and increase cooperation.”

But the idea wasn’t to calm the situation; it was for the other person to infer your intent that the work employee had you “f***** up.” One commenter observed: “These are fighting words. The ‘your’ is a trigger word.”

One commenter planned to save the idea for future use: “Saving this for when I get back to work on Monday.” Another person preferred the more aggressive phrasing. “I like ‘Newsflash buddy!!’ better,” they wrote.

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Bella has numerous corporate speak clips where she offers tips on how to come across as more charming. She even has a similar video telling people how to tell someone “in a professional way, f*** around and find out.” She’s also far from the only user offering corporate advice on the platform. One TikToker shares lessons from early on in her corporate career. Another advises young workers on how to handle questions about their age.

The Daily Dot contacted bellllaaboo via TikTok comment for further comment. 

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