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‘No one cares that you worked instead of taking time off’: Woman shares lessons she learned while working in corporate

‘Being the hardest working person doesn’t get you as far as you think it would.’


Cecilia Lenzen


A woman on TikTok is sharing the lessons she learned while working in corporate.

The TikToker (@taha_haha_) shared three videos full of tips, and the most viewed one received about 1.3 million views as of Monday. The TikToker has about 10,400 followers.

The number one lesson she learned, she says, is “Use ALL of your PTO every year. No one cares that you worked instead of taking time off. You’re just making your own life harder.”

Other lessons include finding another job if you’re not getting a raise every year; having a job that requires a work cellphone is “exhausting,” being the hardest working person doesn’t get you as far as you would think, and sometimes it’s necessary to say “no.”

@taha_haha_ Personal opnions. What are some things you’ve learned/realized after working as a professional? #corporatelife #workfromhome #businesswoman ♬ original sound – anita park

The TikToker’s tips seemed to resonate with viewers, who commented how they learned these lessons for themselves.

“The first six months I worked so hard and even got a promotion (with no raise). After a year I’m now so burnt out, I can’t keep doing this,” one viewer commented.

“4 is something I realized way too late in my career. It’s all about connections, politics and idea,” a second said.

A third added, “been working same clinic going on 6 yrs ..a 12 to 15 cents raise every year ..not worth my mental health.. im using all my time..short staff not my prob.”

A fourth wrote, “Left a job with 500 hours of time off I couldn’t cash out. Should’ve used the hours.”

Others shared their own tips or added on to what the TikToker shared.

“They don’t put your job title on your tombstone. Stop stressing out. You are here for a short time. Enjoy yourself,” one user urged.

“Do not do extra stuff ( ex-committees ) unless you enjoy that stuff . It never pays off,” another said.

Someone else wrote, “Working harder can sometimes be worth if it it can be added to your portfolio to get better opportunities. But hard work is simply rewarded with more work.”

In a second video, the TikToker shared more lessons.

@taha_haha_ Id be happy to elaborate on any of these ✨ #workfromhome #corporatelife #businesswoman ♬ original sound – ٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴٴ

She recommends always being open to better work opportunities and not waiting for a performance evaluation to ask for a raise. Also, she says the best managers you’ll have are the ones who started at the company from the bottom.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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