Woman explains that her co-worker deletes all his emails once they're read


‘I love my scavenger hunts thru old emails to prove I wasn’t wrong’: Viewers defend co-worker for deleting all his emails once they’re read

'I have emails from when I made my first email account.'


Phil West


Posted on May 19, 2023

A woman looked down at her co-worker for deleting emails after reading them, leading to a debate in her comments section about whether her judgment was deserved.

Amelia (@allinwitha), a North Carolina-based TikToker, posted the video on May 16. In its first three days on the platform, it has attracted more than 875,600 views and 41,600 likes.

“Today, I discovered that one of my co-workers deletes his emails after he reads them,” Amelia says in the clip. “He doesn’t save them for reference; he just deletes them.”

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She concludes by remarking, “I told him that was serial killer energy if I’ve ever seen it.”

Some commenters, however, were all for deleting emails ASAP, despite the creator’s horror around the practice.

“Use my email as a to-do list,” one wrote. “When finished —delete delete. Love it!”

“If it’s important, it will come back to me,” another said.

One viewer expressed an even more laid-back approach, saying, “Lol. I don’t even read most of them. And when the box gets too full I click the top box to highlight them all and delete.”

“Once I just deleted my entire email account,” another shared. “It’s a great feeling.”

Still, other viewers said they couldn’t imagine deleting any emails, providing a range of reasons supporting their actions (or inaction, as the case may be).

“Someone isn’t gonna be ready for when their lawyer needs to provide discovery,” one wrote.

“Always save your work emails,” a second advised. “I have emails from 2019 that I have referenced recently due to a client doing a software conversion.”

“I love my scavenger hunts thru old emails to prove I wasn’t wrong,” another remarked.

As if proving the point, another commenter added, “Just a couple of months ago I searched and found an email from 2016 that I needed proof of something. #neverdelete.”

The Daily Dot contacted Amelia via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 19, 2023, 4:50 pm CDT