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‘This is your sign to clean out your car’: Worker issues PSA after boss asks her for a ride

'I would PANIC with all the water bottles I have too.'


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Posted on Apr 27, 2023   Updated on Apr 27, 2023, 1:21 pm CDT

Are you someone who tends to keep empty water bottles and other clutter in your car? If so, this viral TikTok might be the motivation you need to clean up your act.

TikTok user Drea (@wheres_dreaaa) recently went viral after sharing a video of her reaction when her boss asked her for a ride. The video starts with the TikToker in her office talking to the camera, explaining that she initially agreed to give her boss a ride—before she realized her car is not in a “presentable condition.”

@wheres_dreaaa Lmao watch till the end to see why inwas trippin so hard lmao #fypシ #work #boss #waterbottles #car #cleanoutyourcar #recycle ♬ original sound – Dreaaaa

“My boss just asked me for like a ride somewhere, and I was like ‘Yeah, of course, sure, I got you, whatever,’” she says in the video. “Hell, the fuck I don’t! Like, my freaking car is not set up to be a freaking ‘take your boss wherever he needs to go trip.'”

The TikToker frantically searches for her car keys in an attempt to get rid of the clutter before the ride, but once she finds them she’s met with another obstacle: her boss is already near her car dealing with his own car troubles.

However, in a fortunate turn of events, a co-worker steps in to offer the boss a ride, giving Drea an out from the potentially embarrassing situation.

The video then cuts to the TikToker filming herself in her car, where she shows her passenger seat completely filled with empty water bottles from the floor up to the seat. “I should probably clean this out like this is ridiculous,” Drea laughs. “It’s like to the top.”

The clip was posted on April 14 and has since accumulated over 1.1 million views, with many viewers going to the comment section to share relatable experiences and joke about the water bottles in the car.

One user commented, “I would PANIC with all the water bottles I have too.”

“Got like 30$ of recycling there lol,” a second quipped.

“I have a water bottle problem as well,” a third noted.

“That’s how you know she don’t be having passengers,” someone else remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Drea via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 27, 2023, 1:20 pm CDT