Customer says Chipotle worker bodyshamed her at the drive-thru

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‘Mean girl energy!!!’: Customer says Chipotle worker body-shamed her at the drive-thru

‘I usually tell ppl to not comment on my body but I totally didn’t expect this!’


Rachel Cohen


A user on TikTok is sharing her unusual experience being body-shamed in a Chipotle drive-thru that left her feeling uncomfortable.

TikTok user Chhavee Jovilyne (@chhaveejovilyne) is a TikTok creator showing her lifestyle on the social media platform. 

Jovilyne was filming a day-in-the-life video, which showcased her running errands, getting coffee, and picking up her order from Chipotle. That’s when the video took a twist. As the TikToker was grabbing her order through the drive-thru window, the Chipotle worker commented to her about her weight. 

The worker says, “It’s heavy, it probably weighs more than you do,” which makes Jovilyne visibly uncomfortable.

This isn’t the first time a Chipotle employee has commented on someone’s order. In December 2023, TikTok user Bobby “Kazz” Kasmire (@bobbykazz) made a video sharing his experience ordering a $25 Chipotle bowl. 

According to the video, he ordered “pretty much everything.” When he got to the register to pay, the worker read his entire order which he said had never happened before. The worker then said, “Oh, so you’re a hungry boy today, huh?” 

As Kasmire says in the video, “Now I’m gonna think about that with every bite I take of this Chipotle.”

Many viewers agreed that comments like this can feed into eating disorders and overall make people self-conscious about what they eat. 

A Chipotle worker’s body-shaming comment

Jovilyne singled out the clip of her receiving her Chipotle order and reposted it as a separate video, which received over 14 million views.

“Can we stop making unnecessary comments ab people’s body/weight pls & ty <3 #bodyshaming #momsoftiktok #foryou,” she wrote in the caption.

The creator was shocked and uncomfortable by the comment made by the Chipotle worker saying that her order probably weighed more than she did.

She responds quietly saying, “OK? That was a little unnecessary.” Jovilyne continues to express her shock as she’s driving away. “What? What the heck? I’m literally…”

@chhaveejovilyne can we stop making unnecessary comments ab people’s body/weight pls & ty &lt3 #bodyshaming #momsoftiktok #foryou ♬ motherfucker – sar ᥫ᭡

Commenters react to Jovilyne’s Chipotle experience

Some commenters thought Jovilyne was overreacting.

“This is totally not meant to be offensive,” one user wrote.

Another added, “She did not mean it like that lol. It’s a phrase tons of people use.”

But, most commenters on her trimmed video expressed disbelief over the remark.

One commenter said, “I would’ve slapped her cause what.”

A second viewer wrote, “I get this all the time too and always laugh it off but when you rly think about it like…it’s so rude and unnecessary lol.”

Jovilyne responded, saying that body-shaming in the drive-thru felt particularly unnecessary. “I usually tell ppl to not comment on my body but I totally didn’t expect this! I’m in my car, can barely see me/my body, & I was literally just trying to get my food…ppl suck!” she wrote.

A third user shared how she related to Jovilyne’s experience. “My friend is really really skinny and has underhanded ‘compliments’ about how tiny she is,” they said. “It’s never cool and doesn’t come across as nice. You never know what someone is going through.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jovilyne via TikTok direct message and Chipotle via email. 

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