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‘I would take advantage of their VIP card again in a second’: Customer shares how he got his Chipotle VIP card revoked

‘I am a changed man and I regret my actions.’


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A man says he was able to use his Chipotle VIP card for about a year before the company effectively revoked it for misuse in a TikTok that has drawn over 26,000 views on the platform.

Content creator Austin Null said back in days of his family vlogging, he posted frequently enough about loving Chipotle and going to the chain restaurant known for its burritos that the company sent him a VIP card. The card, he said, stipulated that he could get one meal, an entrée and a drink, for free from the chain per day.

@austinbnull Replying to @justnjames_ I am a changed man and I regret my actions. And yes, I am only referring to that Chipotle song. I would take advantage of their VIP card again in a second 😂 #storytime #Keithadilla #fyp #chipotle ♬ original sound – Austin Null

“I was married at the time, I’ve got three kids, so I would go up there and order our whole meal and I just gave them the card and they would swipe it,” he says. “I did this for over a year. I’m talking like $0-$35 every time. Not going to lie, we were there at least twice a week.”

Eventually, after about a year of having the card, Null said he brought it into a Chipotle location where an employee told him that they had received a call from the corporate office and could no longer take his card.

“They said it’s only for the one entrée, but we got in trouble for giving you the extra stuff,” Null said he was told by the employee. “This was 2016 I think, and VIP cards were somewhat new and they were mainly—I feel like a lot of celebrities had them, but also I was in Kansas City, so there are no celebrities here. I think they told me that the only other person who had one was someone that played for the soccer team here.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Null via Instagram direct message, as well as to Chipotle directly via email regarding the video.

Some viewers thought revoking the card was a little unnecessary.

“That’s only 5,200 a year, that’s literally nothing, they were tripping,” one commenter wrote. “That’s essentially the same thing as getting a meal everyday.”

“I feel like it’s the same amount of money though … if i went everyday and got a bowl with guac and a drink,” another commenter wrote. “Or if I took my family twice a week…”

“I’m sure it wasn’t hurting them,” a commenter wrote.

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