Customer considers filming Chipotle order after learning about new ‘phone rule’

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‘Pulling up w/ ring lights, camera crew, 2 tripods’: Customer considers filming Chipotle order after learning about new ‘phone rule’

‘They loaded my bowl up TOO MUCH..’


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Due to so many social media users trashing Chipotle for the minuscule amounts of food they receive, the popular fast-casual chain has allegedly implemented a new “phone rule” for customers.

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The Daily Dot previously covered a viral clip uploaded by Miss G (@tik.tok.teacher), who said she heard Chipotle employees have been instructed to overload burritos and bowls if guests have their phones out to record.

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It seems others are embracing this rumored rule, like fellow TikTok user and actor Alexis (@caritaaa9). He joked in a TikTok that he would be showing up to “Chipotle after their new phone rule” with a dedicated light mounted to a tripod.

He demonstrates it in a clip that’s garnered over 2.8 million views as of Saturday, where he sets the light up and then shines it on the worker before deciding to call out his order.

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What is Chipotle’s ‘phone rule?’

TikTok has seen a slew of videos from different users discussing the Chipotle boycott from a variety of angles. One British user who decided to visit a Chipotle and see what all the fuss was about was soon very upset with the amount of chicken he got, expressing his shock at being charged $14.

Another customer, joining the “Chipotle walk-out” trend filmed himself ordering a bowl and leaving mid-order after seeing the portions he was getting. However, he did not gain the same support as other TikTokers, with viewers claiming his portion sizes were generous.

This opened up a new wave of speculation from TikTokers: Is Chipotle listening to customers and now giving them better portions?

Other TikTokers have gone viral after filming their loaded-up bowls, claiming its a direct result of the boycott.

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Chipotle’s response to ‘phone rule’

It seems Chipotle itself has weighed in on the conversation, sharing a TikTok poking fun at the “new rule” on Saturday. However, it is unclear whether they are confirming the “phone rule” or simply joining in on the trend. The official account’s clip has garnered 2.6 million views in one day.


i’m working late, cuz i’m Chipotle

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Folks who responded to Alexis’ TikTok joked that they, too, would be channeling their inner Spielberg the next time they order there.

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“Pulling up w/ ring lights, camera crew, 2 tripods, microphones and all LOAD IT UP,” one person wrote.

Someone else thought that there very well might be customers who engage in this type of behavior. “I fear this will actually happen,” they said.

“My chipotle always packed my orders full but then I saw too many vids of people with bugs in their food so I’m still not going,” one wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Alexis via TikTok comment.

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Update 10:16am CT May 28: In an email to the Daily Dot, a Chipotle spokesperson denied speculation that they’re implementing this “phone rule.”

“We have not given these instructions to our employees,” they said.

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