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‘Faster than any fast food drive thru’: Chili’s customers say they got their food within seconds of sitting down

‘Stop acting like you’ve never used a microwave before.’


Eric Webb


Posted on Sep 6, 2023

A Chili’s customer went viral on TikTok after revealing that she received her food from the restaurant only a minute after placing her order.

Shannon Bush (@shannbush) recorded the video from a Chili’s parking lot. In it, she said that she experienced some time-defying service at the chain restaurant. 

“Really quickly, has anyone been to Chili’s lately?” Bush asked through laughter. “They have some crazy technology or something back there… They brought our queso [out in] 20 seconds. Our full course? Minute.”

@shannbush Im still in shock. Basically if your hungry sitting down at chilis would be faster than any fast food drive thru. What is this magic? #chilis #resturant #magictrick ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

Bush was in awe at the experience, and noted that Chili’s was “faster than any fast food drive thru.” 

As of Wednesday evening, her video had over 34,000 views, with at least one viewer saying that they, too, have experienced ultra-fast service at Chili’s.

“I did just get chillis and they did bring it out really fast,” they wrote. 

“They are essentially fast food, most of the food is precooked and kept warm. Still one of my favs though,” another said.

Others, however, flamed Bush—and Chili’s—for her take. They also pointed out that the secret to the restaurant’s speedy food prep is likely just microwaves and pre-cooked food.

“That’s bc they just empty the premade bag of food in a bowl and microwave it lol and the other stuff goes right in the fryer and out,” one viewer commented.

“Pasta precooked and heated in mic to order. Chicken in a warmer. Queso comes in frozen bag and heated in boiling water. Same with Alfredo,” another said.

“It’s all microwaved,” another said.

To one naysayer, Bush responded: “Stop acting like you’ve never used a microwave before.” And in a TikTok direct message to The Daily Dot, Bush reaffirmed that the service was “extremely fast.”

“We were just super shocked how fast everything was,” she wrote. We’ve also reached out to Chili’s via email. 

And in other recent Chili’s news: A customer called out the restaurant for a skimpy serving of ice cream they served with her to-go cookie. Another creator shared a “lazy meal prep” hack involving the restaurant.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 6:31 pm CDT