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‘Why can’t we add American cheese?’: Viewers divided after customer shows up 3 minutes late to Chick-fil-A drive-thru and can’t customize breakfast

'It's three minutes after breakfast, so you can't put cheese on the biscuit.'


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Posted on Jan 9, 2024   Updated on Jan 9, 2024, 7:48 am CST

Country pop singer Dylan Scott put Chick-fil-A on blast after they wouldn’t let him customize his breakfast sandwich. Some viewers of his viral TikTok video say fast food restaurants should be more accommodating, while others think the singer is being too harsh on the workers.

Have you ever had a craving for a fast food breakfast, but you end up getting there just a little too late? You figure, “It’s just a few minutes. They can still sell me a breakfast sandwich,” just to end up being denied on the technicality that it’s now 10:32 am, not 10:30 am.

It’s a frustrating experience that many people have had, inevitably either leaving the restaurant to fulfill the craving some other way or panic-ordering an item from their regular menu that they don’t really want but are now gonna end up eating.

A version of that happened to this country singer.

In the viral video, which has more than 600,000 views, Scott (@dylanscottcountry) is seen filming himself in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. He explains that he pulled up at 10:33 am and asked if they had any of their breakfast biscuits left. Breakfast ends at 10:30 am.

Lucky for him, they had five left, and it seems Scott bought them all. Here’s the catch. He asked to add American cheese to them and was told they couldn’t do that.

“Why can’t we add American cheese? It’s a chicken biscuit. Chicken and a biscuit. Slap some cheese on it,” Scott says.

“That’s what’s wrong with America. People are lazy. It’s three minutes after breakfast, so you can’t put cheese on the biscuit. Makes zero sense,” he goes on.

If you’re now wanting Chick-fil-A breakfast after reading about Scott’s ordeal, you can get a variety of chicken sandwich options on a biscuit or an english muffin, get an egg scramble in a bowl or burrito, or grab fresh fruit in a parfait or fruit cup.

Out of the nearly 500 comments, a few explained that the workers are not allowed to reopen a sandwich once it’s left the kitchen.

“Crazy, I know,” one commenter said.

Another wrote, “Some locations will do it some won’t modify it literally has to do with if they feel like it or not.”


Just wanted cheese. 😢

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Others shared their own fast-food breakfast experiences.

“I ordered breakfast through my app 10 minutes before breakfast was over. I got there right at 10:30 and they told me sorry breakfast is over.. whatttt,” a commenter wrote.

A few viewers were irked by a celebrity calling fast food workers lazy just because they were likely following store rules.

“Don’t think you quite understand the switch over to lunch at chick fil a is insane calling people lazy because you’re late to breakfast is weird,” a person said.

“You have NOOOOO idea. Try working there for one day. Those people work their ass off. It’s organized chaos when they change from breakfast,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Scott for comment via Instagram direct message and to Chick-fil-A via email.

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*First Published: Jan 9, 2024, 9:00 am CST