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‘If you are Black and love yourself, don’t buy this:’ Customer uses Cetaphil sunscreen. It doesn’t go well

‘I canceled them myself.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Sep 5, 2023   Updated on Sep 5, 2023, 5:28 pm CDT

A Cetaphil customer went viral on TikTok for showing what the brand’s sunscreen did to her skin. She says she will never buy a product from them again. 

Naby (@ur_fav_naby) reached over 3.1 million views with her video as of publication, and she told viewers in no uncertain terms that she would stop buying from Cetaphil. 

@ur_fav_naby I washed my face ! @Cetaphil US ♬ original sound – Nabyyy❤️😫

In the video, Naby is sitting in a car holding what appears to be a tube of Cetaphil’s Sheer Mineral Sunscreen with an SPF of 30. The TikToker also appears to have recently applied the sunscreen on her face, which has left a severe white cast on the woman’s darker toned skin.

In the caption, Gaby says she even washed her face after using the product because of the discoloration that appeared on her skin. But after trying to wash it off, the white cast remained. 

“If you are Black and love yourself, don’t buy this,” she adds about Cetaphil’s sunscreen. 

“I canceled them myself, never buying a product from them,” she says of the brand. 

In a second video, she says she is worried the color will be stained on her skin for a long time. “Yall im joking i will never use this again,” she writes in the caption before addressing the company directly. “@CetaphilUS its been 2 hours if its not off by the time im getting to ny im suing.”

Viewers in the comment section agreed with the creator, confirming that they have also had the same struggle with this particular brand of sunscreen.

“That’s why I stopped using it! They have my passport photo looking wild disrespectful,” wrote one person.

“I have a weird sunscreen video like this too,” shared a second.

Another viewer explained, “Any mineral spf will leave the cast no matter what,” and they recommended the creator “get chemical spf.” 

Someone else suggested making the switch to a specific sunscreen for Black women.

“I use the kids black girl sunscreen in 50 spf. Make the switch sis you won’t regret it,” the commenter shared, adding that the product is available at Target and Walmart. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Naby via TikTok direct message and Cetaphil via email. 

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2023, 5:27 pm CDT