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‘We thought the boat was going down’: Carnival Cruise passengers’ room flooded. They didn’t receive help for 4 hours

'Everything's destroyed.'


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Posted on Oct 23, 2023   Updated on Oct 23, 2023, 9:08 am CDT

A user on TikTok is calling out Carnival Cruises after claiming that their room was flooded while they were on the boat—and they did not receive assistance from staff for hours.

According to TikTok user Amber (@dawn7877), this Carnival Cruise horror story began when she and her partner were woken up at 2 am “with water gushing into our room from the ceiling on the carnival radiance.”

Amber’s two videos on her Carnival Cruise flood experience have garnered 3.7 million views and 110,000 views respectively as of Monday morning.

In the first video, a hallway can be seen in which water is pouring down from the ceiling. Amber alleges that this video was recorded on the Carnival Radiance on a trip from Oct. 16 through Oct. 20.

“Its been 4 hours and no one has came and spoke to us,” she wrote in the caption of this video.

Amber posted another video after staff arrived to fix the problem. This video shows the many items that Amber and her partner had that were now soaked in water. The video also appears to show that the power stopped working in their room.

“Everything’s destroyed,” Amber says in the video.

@dawn7877 Our room flooded on carnival cruise radiance. Its been 4 hours and no one has came and spoke to us. Im so 😡 #carnivalcruise #flooded #nohelp ♬ original sound – Amber

Amber’s partner also posted the video to Facebook. The caption to this repost offered additional details about the situation.

“The waterline blew right above our room. We had over a foot and a half of standing water in a room…It ruined everything,” wrote Ryan McGuyer. “It ruined all our luggage.”

The flooding itself also caused terror amongst passengers, McGuyer alleged.

“There was people yelling and screaming running down the hallway with lifevest[s],” McGuyer added in the caption. “We thought the boat was going down.”

Carnival, McGuyer alleged, did little to resolve the situation. According to McGuyer, he was told to send Carnival an email outlining the issue. He also states that guest services on the boat “did nothing for us.”

“We spent over two days without any clothing except for the clothes that we ran out of our room with so we were stuck in pajamas for two days,” he explained. “They didn’t try to do anything for us.”

“That was our first cruise,” he continued. “Our kids are traumatized and will never want to go on another cruise.”

@dawn7877 At 2 AM we were woken up with water gushing into our room from the ceiling on the carnival radiance. Security in this video telling me I can’t record. it was absolutely terrifying. Still waiting on corporate to contact us. #cruise #carnivalcruise #flooding #terrifying #carnival ♬ original sound – Amber

On TikTok, some users made jokes about the situation.

“Why is the ocean coming inside?” asked a user.

“I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending,” added another.

Many simply sympathized with Amber and her partner, saying that incidents like these amplified their own anxieties about cruise ships.

“Nope! I would have went into instant panic & screamed we are sinking!!” exclaimed a commenter.

“Reason #87 why I would NEVER go on a cruise,” declared a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amber via TikTok direct message and Facebook Messenger, McGuyer via Facebook Messenger, and Carnival Cruises via email.

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*First Published: Oct 23, 2023, 9:07 am CDT