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‘Be careful’: Woman issues warning to people who go to public car washes after infotainment system gets ruined

‘I bring my own.’


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A woman on TikTok is urging fellow car owners to exercise caution when drying their vehicles at public car washes. Her warning comes after her own infotainment system was damaged.

TikTok user @so.calmama posted her video on July 8, and it has since garnered over 140,500 views. In it, she explains how the use of car wash towels can lead to scratches and damage.

“We come to the same car wash every week, and I just want to give a warning to everyone that does their own car wash,” she says, holding up a towel for emphasis. “When you dry, be careful, because we use these towels, and then you notice that the debris and stuff doesn’t always come out when they wash it.”

She points to the infotainment system screen on the dashboard inside her Toyota. She says that, while drying their car, her husband accidentally scratched it with one of those towels.

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Viewers have suggestions

The TikToker’s message was simple: “Be careful when you’re drying your car.” However, in the comment section, some users offered more specific advice on how to avoid this issue.

One of them, allegedly a car detailer, wrote, “Use a high quality microfiber towel to avoid that also keep in mind that piano black trim scratches with those towels too.”

Another user advised against using car wash towels altogether. They wrote, “I bring my own and use different ones for the interior.”

How to clean a Toyota touchscreen panel

When it comes to cleaning touchscreen panels, on its official website, Toyota offers this guideline: “Soak a clean soft cloth in lukewarm water and lightly wipe the surface. Do not use substances such as solvents, kerosene, alcohol, gasoline, alkaline, or acidic solutions. These chemicals can cause staining or discoloration of the screen.”

This is not the first time people have reported damaging their vehicles while using car washes. Recently, another TikToker shared how her car was “destroyed” after a quick visit to an automatic car wash. In another case, a TikToker revealed how an automatic car wash broke her side view mirror.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @so.calmama via email for comment and to Toyota via their press email.

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