Driver says automatic car wash damaged her vehicle


‘Free car wash ended up costing at least $50‘: Driver says automatic car wash damaged her vehicle

‘Go touch-less’


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A driver accused Halo Car Wash of causing damage to her car during a “free car wash.”

In a viral video that has amassed over 18,500 views, TikToker Hannah H (@itshannahh111) shared what happened during the car wash that resulted in damage.

“Was the free car wash worth it?!?” the TikToker asked in the clip’s caption. “Should I go back?”

“This Halo Car Wash just opened up in my city, and they’re offering your first car wash for free,” she began in the clip. “So you know I had to check it out.”

According to the woman, the car wash was busy with customers, but the line moved quickly. She seemed to be very pleased with the service. She even noted the car wash offered free vacuums for customers to clean out the inside of their vehicles. Then, she encountered an unexpected problem.

“Look what this car wash did to my car,” text overlaid on the clip read.

After an attendant helped her verify her information, her car was allowed to move through the automated car wash. That’s when a machine in the car wash appeared to cause damage to her side mirror.

“Boom!” she exclaimed as footage of the moment rolled. “Side mirror, broken.”

However, Hannah did admit that the side mirror had already previously been damaged.

Car washes often recommend that customers fold in mirrors before entering a car wash tunnel because the protruding mirrors can easily become entangled in equipment and damaged. The Daily Dot contacted Halo Car Wash to learn more about its policies regarding cars that sustain damage during washes.

@itshannahh111 Was the free car wash worth it?!? Should I go back? 🤔 #halocarwash #londonontario #therealhh #carwash #carwashfails #canada ♬ original sound – Hannah H🤍

In the comments section, many noted that car wash customers typically know that they must fold in mirrors when using the service.

“I thought it was common sense to fold ur mirrors in during car washes,” user Magoditsham commented on the video.

“Supposed to fold ur mirrors, girl,” another viewer said.

“Free car wash ended up costing atleast $50,” another viewer wrote.

Others suggested the woman try a “touch-less” car wash in the future.

“Go touch-less avoid multiple scratches on your car or damage,” user baggedm5 said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hannah H by TikTok comment and Halo Car Wash via contact form for more information.

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