Passenger says flight attendant how much they weighed at check-in


‘Even better if they make you get on a scale’: Passenger says flight attendant asked them how much they weigh at check-in

'Cape Air baby.'


Melody Heald


Posted on May 31, 2023

While it’s important how weight gets distributed on any plane, it’s even more important on small planes. That’s why a passenger on a Cape Air plane said she and a handful other passengers were asked for their weight before boarding the flight.

Eliza (@elizawanders) filmed herself and the others on the flight in a video that’s received nearly half-a-million views since May 31. “When the flight attendant asks how much you weigh during check in because of the plane literally fits 10 people including the pilot and they have to distribute the weight,” her text overlay reads.

“Cape Air baby,” she added in the caption.

@elizawanders Cape Air baby #traveler #airplane #capeair ♬ original sound – mari🌟

Many reviews for Cape Air reference the airline’s “tiny planes” and even back up Eliza’s account that passengers are asked their weights before boarding. “They weigh EVERYTHING including asking your own body weight. Understood, but it’s uncomfortable to not be able to even hold your purse during the short flight,” one reviewer said via Trip Advisor.

Being asked one’s weight before boarding a flight, or even being asked to step on a scale, can be embarrassing; however, viewers of Eliza’s video were understanding of the ask.

“That’s a good sign that they take safety seriously! Even better if they make you get on a scale,” the top comment reads.

“I will say tho, this genuinely is really important… and it sucks more killing everyone on the plane that answering that question or step on a scale,” a second agreed.

USA Today broke down why weight is important when boarding a small plane specifically. “Even a small error accounts for a larger percentage of the total weight. A 500-lb. error on an airplane that weighs 5,000 lbs., adds up to a larger percentage of the total weight. This is why pilots carefully calculate the weight and balance before flight. No matter the size of the airplane, it should be loaded within the proper limits to ensure safe flight,” USA Today explains.

This is why Air New Zealand announced earlier in the week it is going to weigh passengers before they board their flights for a short time in an attempt to gather data regarding weight distribution on planes.

The Daily Dot reached out to Eliza via Instagram direct message and to Cape Air via press email.

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*First Published: May 31, 2023, 1:01 pm CDT