Young woman discovers she can get an AARP membership.

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‘There’s no reason not to have it’: Young woman discovers she can get an AARP membership. Here’s why she’s raving about it

'This membership will save you so much money.'


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Nov 25, 2023

Apparently, an AARP membership isn’t just for senior citizens. One young woman on TikTok went viral after sharing she discovered she could get an AARP membership. And it is saving her money.

TikTok user Shayna (@savingwithshayna) posted a video on Nov. 14 that highlights AARP’s $9 Black Friday promotion. “Here’s a secret that all the old people do not want you to know,” Shayna says in the video. “I’ve been using this secret for like two years and I’ve been saving hundreds of dollars a year. And this secret is an AARP membership.”

You’re not alone if you thought AARP membership, which includes discounts on insurance, entertainment, and dining, among other perks, was exclusively for people 50 years old and over. While the membership is focused on catering to individuals over 50, individuals of any age may join for $12 per month.

“Everyone can sign up for this,” Shayna says. “This membership will save you so much money, because you can use it at a multitude of places. A bunch of stores, restaurants, cruises, airfare. If you travel a lot: Car rentals, hotels, so much more. There is literally so much I can’t even fit it into one video.”

She continues, “I really hope this helps you guys because it’s saved me so much money. And go score.”

@savingwithshayna For how cheap this membership is…theres no reason not to have it!! Theres so many amazing benefits to it and i keep finding more and more everyday. Sign up for it now while its only $9 for Black Friday And let me know what you use your membership on! #aarpmember #aarp #aarpbenefits #aarpdiscount #aarpmemberbenefits #aarpmembership #discounts #discountshopping #couponing #deals #dealfinder #dealfindersclub #cheaptravel #cheapmeals #travelhacks #savingmoney #saving #savingwithshayna ♬ original sound – shayna

The video has amassed more than 138,000 views since it was posted on Nov. 14. In the comments section, many viewers agreed that they were not aware younger people are also eligible for membership. Other viewers who were already in the know shared what discounts they use the most.

“I thought aarp was a health insurance and for military family and people,” wrote one user.

“Omg we have aarp and didn’t know about the discounts !!!!” another user wrote.

One user said they use their membership for travel discounts. “I use my AARp when we travel and I have my card linked to Expedia and I automatically get discounted rates,” they wrote.

“You also automatically get points for connecting your apple health/fitness and can use it on gift cards/rewards etc.,” another user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shayna and AARP via email for comment.

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*First Published: Nov 25, 2023, 8:10 am CST