Woman defends self after getting called out for buying $100K car but living in apartment

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‘People need to normalize minding their beeswax’: Woman defends self after getting called out for buying $100K car but living in apartment

‘Ppl swear buying a house defines your financial status.’


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While buying a house is often seen as part of the American dream, some people just want to own a nice car. One TikToker’s video about their $100,000 car purchase has led some to question to pros and cons of buying vs. renting a place to live and if such an expensive car is a smart purchase.

In the video, Val Pucino (@valpucino) responded to a comment by a viewer on a previous video about her recent car purchase. Val bought the 2024 BMW G80 M3, which is a sports car that critics say drives well at high speeds but is also well-suited for everyday errands.

The comment Val responded to says: “Beautiful car, but buying 100k car before owning a house is crazy.”

In her response, Val explains that she is a big traveler and doesn’t know where she wants to live, so buying a house doesn’t make sense for her right now.

“So I actually just don’t want to own a home. I travel a lot. And why would I buy a house when I don’t know what I want to do?” Val says. “Also, I’m not handy. So also, Buying a house would just stress me … out.”

“Um, don’t worry. I have lots of investments. That’s why I was able to buy a brand new G80. But thanks so much for your concern,” Val mockingly mentions.

The video has over 500 comments and more than 91,000 views.

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Viewers agree

Folks in the comments could not agree more with Val.

“Ppl swear buying a house defines your financial status,” mentions one comment.

“Does this man pay your bills? Cause that’s one too many opinions for someone who doesn’t,” says another.

“Home ownership isn’t everyone’s dream anymore. Millennials are barely having kids anyway. We’re young & free,” says another.

A couple other comments mention that they prefer to rent over buy any day cosigning Val’s logic.

“I own a home and there’s time where I wish I rented,” says one comment.

“I feel the same way. I don’t know if I ever want a home. I love having a lobby & elevator. Pool & gym I don’t have to maintain. Idk I just prefer it,” mentions another.

Buying a house is becoming less popular among millennial especially, as one comment mentioned. A 2022 survey data from Apartment List found that 23.7% of millennials say they prefer to rent forever over buying, this is almost double the portion that said the same in 2018 according to an article on Money.com.

Like Val, many renters choose to rent because they don’t want to deal with the maintenance it takes to upkeep a home. In addition to repair fees, homeowners also have to pay property taxes that renters don’t.

Having a nice car and renting a home is a match-made in heaven for some that shouldn’t be discredited. There are multiple lifestyle and financial factors to consider when thinking about a living arrangement that works for you.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Val for comment via Instagram.

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