Customer demands no-pickles from server. Then he asks for a discount @poorandhungry/TikTok (Licensed)

‘I shouldn’t have to pay full cost for my burger’: Customer demands no pickles from server. Then he asks for a discount

'Can you imagine if they got a drink with no ice?'


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Posted on Dec 2, 2023   Updated on Dec 2, 2023, 4:17 pm CST

In a hilarious yet enlightening TikTok video, user $yd (@poorandhungry) captures a common scenario in the restaurant industry, piling up nearly 150,000 views.

Titled “Its always for the ten cent item too never a protein,” the video features $yd playing both a customer and a server, highlighting the often absurd demands made by customers. The SNL-worthy skit begins with a simple order: “Hey, yeah, I think I’ll do the burger and I’ll do no pickles.” However, it quickly escalates when the customer demands a discount for the omitted pickles when the bill comes, arguing, “You only had one thing. Yeah, I got a burger with no pickles, but you charged me for the pickles… I shouldn’t have to pay full price for my burger.”

The TikTok community responded with a mix of sympathy for service workers and acerbic sarcasm towards the entitled customer behavior. One user reflected, “It never occurred to me once to get a discount for having things off.” Another echoed this sentiment, writing, “To be fair, they *would* charge extra for more pickles, but never discount LESS ingredients.” In the skit, $yd says her manager offered the customer 20% off, despite the customer’s ridiculous request. A former manager in the comments shared their approach. “As a previous manager, I would almost always back my associate. I’d coach them later on, but in front of the customer, we’re on the same page,” the user wrote.

$yd’s video and the ensuing comments highlight the problematic nature of the “customer is always right” mantra. This philosophy, while intended to promote good customer service, can sometimes lead to unreasonable demands and put undue pressure on service staff. The video illustrates how businesses, in their effort to please customers, might inadvertently encourage unrealistic and, in this case, absurd expectations… continuing such a cycle.

The willingness of some businesses to accommodate even the most whimsical customer requests sets a concerning precedent. It raises the question of where to draw the line between providing excellent customer service and maintaining reasonable business practices. As one user humorously pointed out, “Can you imagine if they got a drink with no ice?” Well, yes, you get less ice, but you get more drink. 

$yd is one of many TikTokers working in the service industry who have gone viral on TikTok airing their gripes with particular customer behaviors. Workers have shared their pet peeves with specific patron demands.

@poorandhungry Its always for the ten cent item too never a protein #restaurant #server #serverlife #customerservice ♬ original sound – $yd

$yd’s TikTok video serves as a light yet pointed reminder of the challenges faced by those in the service industry. It expresses the need for a balanced approach to customer service, where the satisfaction of the customer is important, but not at the expense of common sense and the well-being of service staff. In a world where customer demands are ever-evolving, businesses might need to reconsider how they interpret and apply the principle that the customer is always right, and instead imagine, “The customer might be wrong.  What do we do about it now?” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to $yd via Instagram DM for comment. 

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*First Published: Dec 2, 2023, 6:30 pm CST