Customer astounded at how much food Burger King is offering in its $2 snack box

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‘That can’t be chicken, my guy’: Customer astounded at how much food Burger King offers in its $2 snack box

'And you know what? I WILL be in line!'


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Posted on Nov 11, 2023

In 2020, Burger King offered the “We Miss You Snack Box,” which cost $2 and included medium fries, 10 nuggets, a small drink, and a cheeseburger.

The Takeout penned a lengthy explanation that while the box cost $2, at locations where it was actually available, folks had to place their order through the official Burger King mobile app. They alleged people were more than likely trading a bunch of private and personal data in exchange for the discount grub.

Although the box hasn’t been around for three years, some are still tripping out over the fact that such an offer ever existed in recent memory. A TikToker named Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8.1_122) uploaded a rant against the $2 meal deal appended with a caption that read, “Ayooo burger king servin alpaca.”

The video begins with Kaye laughing into the camera over a greenscreen image of a promotion from Burger King. It shows a picture of an order of fries, a burger, a soda, and 10 nuggets. The meal deal is called the “We Miss You $2 Snack Box,” a price point that Kaye cannot believe.

“I’m sorry bro I’m crying, you mean to tell me they’re serving all that food for $2?” he says. “Bro that’s lemur meat that’s not even real. Bro, someone said that’s monkey meat, no, no, no that’s lemur meat, that’s ostrich meat, that’s penguin meat bro, that’s not even real beef, ain’t no way. That can’t be chicken my guy that has to be alpaca there’s just no.” He continues to laugh until the video ends.

One commenter didn’t seem to care where the meat was coming from, saying that they were going to eat well at such a low price point regardless of what was inside.

“Lemur, horse, crocodile or damn dinosaur idc I’m dinning like a king,” they joked.

Someone else wrote that the reason Burger King is offering meal deals at such a low price point is that people are boycotting the brand over its alleged support of Israel. This comes after Israel retaliated against Hamas’ October 7 attacks on civilians that saw the death of 1,200 citizens, and 240 hostages including 30 children, the elderly, and dual citizens/foreign nationals.

“Burger King supports isreal. Boycotting does do something,” a user said. “They are suffering so they are trying to ‘win’ you back. Don’t fall for it.”

Another TikToker referenced the film Snowpiercer, which was probably a nod to the scene where “lower level” passengers learned that the source of the protein packs they’re eating is actually cockroaches.

A TikTok user who responded to Kaye’s clip wrote that his perception of Burger King’s food quality was incorrect, however, writing, “Burger King actually regulates what they make their food out of unlike McDonald’s like they don’t use artificial dyes in their food n shi.”

Mashable rated various chains and their adherence to policies in antibiotic usage in their beef. Burger King, among many other restaurants including the Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Little Caesars, and Arby’s, received an F ranking, whereas McDonald’s and Chipotle marked higher with a C and an A respectively.

According to Burger King’s website, the chain follows the “Crown Standard” when it comes to preparing its sandwiches for customers. Its website states, “At Burger King, we hold ourselves up to the Crown Standard. Flame-grilling burgers using real fire like you do in your backyard. Patties with 100% beef no fillers, no preservatives, no nonsense. Tomatoes and onions freshly cut in restaurant every day. Preparing every whopper sandwich to order our standard is the love of all deliciousness. That’s the Crown Standard.”

Judging by anecdotal posts uploaded to Reddit, it seems that the issues many customers have with Burger King are all related to inconsistency. One user on the platform posted to the site’s r/unpopularopinion sub, arguing why they think that the chain is actually pretty darn great.

One commenter replied that a lot of Burger King’s issues stem from the fact that different locations consistently offer up drastically different levels of quality for consumers.

“The problem with Burger King is definitely the quality control. I eat a lot of fast food, and I’ve been to Burger Kings all over the US. I can confidently say that no other fast food chain has more consistently f*cked up my order or served inedible food,” they wrote.

Another Redditor who posted to the r/burgerking sub said that they love the chain, however, they specified that they are dining out at Burger King locations in Sweden, which ranked 7th in overall food quality on the 2022 Global Food Security Index, tying with Canada about six spots above the United States.

Viral posts about low-cost food deals are prevalent on social media, which is more than likely a consequence of the out-of-control food inflation the U.S. has been seeing since 2021.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Burger King via email and Kaye via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Nov 11, 2023, 1:30 pm CST