Woman says no one should be on Bumble after date makes her pay for $60 indoor rock-climbing pass

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‘It’s because men are different now’: Woman says no one should be on Bumble after date makes her pay for $60 indoor rock-climbing pass

'10/10 horror story tho'


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Posted on Dec 9, 2023   Updated on Dec 7, 2023, 12:14 pm CST

A woman is urging others to delete Bumble after a disastrous first date.

Faith Dejarnett (@faithdejarnett) recounted, over the course of two TikTok videos, the dating horror story.

Dejarnett says a guy she matched with on Bumble asked her on a date, and she let him know what kinds of dates she’d be interested in: a movie, bowling, or mini golf date.

The man was apparently not too fond of those choices as he suggested they go indoor rock climbing instead. Dejarnett tells viewers this was an idea she had reservations about from the get-go but that she ended up agreeing.

Upon arriving at the prosthetic boulder climbing facility, the TikToker says she was shocked to hear the price of admission: $60 a person. Dejarnett says, to make matters worse, the man didn’t even offer to pay for her pass.

The date only seemed to get worse from there. Despite paying a hefty price to climb in the facility, Dejarnett says she wasn’t very good at rock climbing. In fact, she says she was so bad at it, that there was only one portion of the wall that she could climb, and she could only really go about 10 feet up on the wall.

She says he “sucked” at the activity as well.

“It was not a good date,” she says of the entire experience.

She adds things got less miserable when they went out for food afterward. She says they discussed “picking flowers,” which seems to be code for marijuana.

She says that after getting back home, she received a text from the man, who said that even though he “enjoyed” hanging out with her, he thought it would be better if they remained just friends. This news pleased Dejarnett, who told him that she was perfectly fine with that and “glad” he felt the same way. She says she then wanted to know if it was OK for her to “buy flower” from him, which seemed to prompt him to change his outlook on their dynamic.

Dejarnett says the man told her that “maybe he did” feel something for her, to which she assured him he did not and persisted in finding out whether she could purchase “flower” from him.

The two were able to work out a business arrangement, even if it wasn’t without its own downsides. Dejarnett says she had to drive 40 minutes each way in order to purchase weed from the guy, which was an inconvenience she was willing to deal with because she always finds it difficult to find a plug whenever she moves to a new area, as she recently did. She says the stuff he provided her was good, so she continued to buy from him.

Another drawback, she says, is that the first-date-turned-pot-dealer had an expectation of her to hang out with him for a bit whenever she went to pick her stuff up. It became more and more clear he was selling her weed as a means of trying to start a romantic relationship with her, she continues. She says he kept texting her to hang out and that she shot him down every single time, including a request for her to go with him to a party.

After he attended the party, sans Dejarnett, Dejarnett says he completely stopped responding to her messages. For four to five weeks, she says she tried to get in touch with him to buy some weed, but there was no response. Seeing if he was just ignoring her, she checked Snapchat to see if his Snap Score went up, which would indicate he was active on the app, but it didn’t.

She says she finally decided to text him on his phone, instead of through the disappearing message application, asking if he was “good.” Dejarnett says she got a reply back from the number. However, the person on the other end was his mother. His mom, Dejarnett says, told her she wouldn’t be hearing from him in a while, which led Dejarnett to believe he was in jail.

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In a follow-up video, Dejarnett says that shortly after this exchange, his mother hit her up in an Instagram direct message, asking if they could talk. Dejarnett says she agreed, giving the woman her phone number in the process. Dejarnett says it was a decision that probably wasn’t the smartest. She says the woman called her up and revealed her son was in prison for “having relations with a minor.”

Dejarnett says the man’s mother said her son really wanted to talk to Dejarnett from prison and asked if she could oblige his request, and Dejarnett, admittedly making yet another poor decision, agreed to do so. “He calls me. He knew for two years he was going to prison. He knew that when he became of age, he was going to prison,” Dejarnett says. As it turns out, the party he invited her to was his “going away party.”

Dejarnett says the man confessed his love for her, saying the thought the two of them had a special connection and asking if she had the same feelings. After holding the receiver to her ear, mouth agape, while listening to him rant about his hopes and dreams of them possibly having a life together, he told Dejarnett he wanted her to meet up with his mom so that the two of them could have dinner and “get to know each other,” she recalls.

“‘I want you to drive with my mother 3 hours to visit me in prison,'” she says he requested.

Dejarnett says that while she ultimately blocked both him and his mom, it took her a little while to do so. She says that for a solid month straight, she received multiple calls from the prison he was locked up in, requesting her to accept charges to speak with him on the phone. Dejarnett says she found this to be particularly outrageous after she already spent $60 on their rock climbing date. She concludes her video by repeating her thesis for the clips: Women should delete Bumble.

Many commenters agreed that they, too, thought the situation was a horror story, but some found humor in it. “Bro was trying to use the rock climbing to practice getting out of prison. 10/10 horror story tho,” one said.

Another said that they were horrified to hear how she continually made bad decision after bad decision in her interactions with this dude. “I’m like twice your age. The mom in me kept screaming NOOOO. You ARE capable of making GOOD decisions, I promise!” they exclaimed.

“I’m confused, if he had to wait two years till he was of age, wouldn’t that mean he was also a minor at the time?” another questioned.

The TikToker replied, saying, “I got explained it but it was a couple of months ago. i think it had to do with the laws in my state changing to make statutory rape a felony,” she said.

One viewer said that Dejarnett’s ire toward Bumble seemed a bit unfair and that men, in general, now are simply terrible: “It’s because men are different now. It’s not the app,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dejarnett via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 9, 2023, 6:30 am CST