buffalo wild wings interior with caption 'what it sounds like walking from foh to boh in a restaurant' (l&r) Buffalo Wild Wings sign (c)

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‘Suddenly we in the CLUB’: Buffalo Wild Wings worker shows how back of house differs from front of house

‘The Crackerbarrel transition go crazy.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Sometimes the environment restaurants create for customers doesn’t quite match up the vibe of what’s occurring in what’s known as the “back of house.”

In a trending TikTok video, Destiny Jade (@destinyjade421) shows the differences in the front and “back of house” music at her local Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The 10-second video has over 216,000 views. In her video, the “front of house” music of choice is rock music, while in the “back of house” hip hop music reigns. 

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The overlay on the video reads: “What it sounds like walking from foh (front of house) to boh (back of house) in a restaurant.”

The Daily Dot contacted @destinyjade421 via TikTok comment, and Buffalo Wild Wings via email for comments on the video.

The comments mainly consisted of people laughing at their ability to immediately recognize the setting as Buffalo Wild Wings.


Jade replied, “Me toooo. I love going back there to bother them & listen to their music.”

Another wrote of the music selection at their job: “It’s either this thrash metal or Spanish, and there is no in between,” they said.

“The Crackerbarrel transition go crazy,” said another poster.

The comments are informative, as they detail a critical difference, via the music, on the type of customer being courted and served versus the soundtrack employees create to get their work done.

The front of the house (FOH) covers areas customers interact with, like the lobby and dining space—while maintaining whatever theme the venue has. Buffalo Wild Wings is highly centered around sports, largely leaning into a more masculine environment.

The back of the house (BOH) includes unseen areas where food is prepared and plated.This area also facilitates administrative tasks for employees and managers. But this can be an area of freedom for FOH workers.

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2023, 12:00 am CDT