Buffalo Wild Wings server notepad on table with 'old lady' written in pen (l) Buffalo Wild Wings sign on building (c) woman sitting at table in Buffalo Wild Wings flipping the bird (blurred) towards camera (r)

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‘Waiters really be out here labeling us like that?!!’: Server at Buffalo Wild Wings leaves behind notepad at table, gets exposed for calling customer ‘old lady’

'Ohhhhhh she mad.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Feb 9, 2023

Unless they want to be fired, servers aren’t likely to tell customers how they really feel about them. But they might write about it. 

One woman says she has proof that her Buffalo Wild Wings server left behind her notepad with the words “old lady” on it. 

This awkward moment was captured by TikTok user @josephcastellanos. In his viral video, which has been viewed more than 730,500 times, Joseph and another woman couldn’t believe what was written. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Joseph via email. 

Instead of separating the group by table one or table two, the server allegedly used distinguishing features. The first table was labeled “black cap,” while the other table was labeled “old lady.”

“They’re separating us,” Joseph said with a laugh before deciding to have a little fun with it. “Black cap, who has the black cap?” he joked when he returned to the party. “And then who’s old lady?” he asked. 

This prompted quite an illicit response from Tia, the “old lady.” She gave him the middle finger, crossed her arms, and swore. 

Viewers were shocked that the waitress had used such a brazen term for describing a customer. 

“I don’t think the ‘old lady’ is leaving a tip..lmao,” one wrote. “Ohhhhhh she mad,” wrote another. “Tia ain’t going there no more,” commented a third. 

The only ones who understood why the server did this were those who have worked in the service industry. 

“As an ex server, this is real but they gotta be more sly about the nickname i would put ‘OL,’” one wrote. 

“I had a coworker do that on tickets that only BOH should see. Food runner had it on the tray and the customer saw. It said ‘Fat Lady Blk Shirt,’” another commented. 

“I spent 20+yrs behind the bar, those are tame seat names!!“ added a third with a laughing emoji. 

Many started worrying about all the terms servers have used to describe them. 

“Omg I wonder if they put ‘Peter Griffen chin girl’ for me,” a scared viewer wrote. 

“Omg I don’t wanna know what they be writing for me,” expressed a second. 

“Thinking about all the times I tipped generously to someone who probably described me in a mean way on the ticket!!!” a viewer wrote with three crying emojis. 

After viewers asked for the full story, Joseph and Tia posted two more videos. The first one explained that they were a party of 28 people and that Tia’s daughter and son-in-law were supposed to cover her tab. 

But since she was sitting at the other table, the server explained that they couldn’t pay for Tia’s order. Figuring that the other table would take care of it, the daughter and son-in-law left. 

When Tia got her bill and saw that there were items that she hadn’t ordered, she asked for the bill to be fixed.

@josephcastellanos Replying to @norma_ab ♬ original sound – Joseph Castellanos

“She’s furious because they’ve already brought her tab three times and it’s been wrong three times,” Joseph said in the video. 

This led to them discovering the “old lady” note on the notepad. 

“I know I’m old, but you don’t have to label me like that,” Tia said. 

The whole saga got even more dramatic from there after a) the order was still wrong and b) there was a mandatory service fee. Some restaurants add this to the bills of large groups. 

But since Tia didn’t believe that she received get good service, she didn’t want to pay. By refusing to do so, the situation escalated even further. The restaurant allegedly kept her card and even called the police. 

In the end, she says, she was forced to pay for the meal.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2023, 5:09 pm CST