TikToker tests theory that Brita filter makes well liquor 'taste better'


‘Game changer’: TikToker tests theory that Brita filter makes well liquor ‘taste better’

'I can down Jäger like water already.'


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Posted on Jun 23, 2023   Updated on Jun 23, 2023, 3:05 pm CDT

There’s a lot you can do with a Brita and most recently, a TikToker tried the theory of passing liquor through the water filter to make it taste less like alcohol.

The viral video comes from creator Semi Sauced (@semisauced), who decided to to test the Brita filter hack using Jägermeister.

@semisauced Jager is good, don’t @ me 😤 #foryou #mythbusters #fyp ♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

The post is stitched to another video in which a group of friends try a shot of liquor after passing it through a Brita filter. “What the f*ck,” one of the shot-takers says, emphasizing his shock at the fact that the trick worked. The video cuts to an older man, who confirms, “Yes, using a Brita filter is actually going to make well liquor taste better.”

Then, the clip cuts to Semi Sauced trying the theory out for himself. The TikToker grabs a bottle of Jägermeister as his liquor of choice and a normal Brita filter from the pantry. “I’m going to test out this theory with one of the most underrated liquors of all time: Jägermeister,” he tells the camera.

Semi Sauced then pours some Jäger into the pitcher and allows it to slowly pass through the filter. Once it’s trickled down into the receptacle, he pours himself a shot. It’s the moment of truth.

Semi Sauced downs the glass and then looks directly into the camera, saying, “That’s a game changer.”

TikTok users aren’t the only ones who have discovered this hack. Several online resources suggest that filtering liquor through a Brita filter improves its taste. My Bartender even suggests using the hack to make cheaper vodka brands taste better. They write, “Filtering cheap vodka through a Brita filter can help remove impurities and smooth out the taste, making it more enjoyable to drink.”

The video from Semi Sauced has accrued 9.9 million views since it was posted to the social media platform.

One commenter said that while the Brita filter hack does improve the taste of liquor, it also reduces the alcohol content.

They claimed to have conducted their own experiment. “Tested with a hydrometer and it lowered the proof of the alcohol by almost half. Yes it tasted better,” they admitted, before adding, “but it had less alcohol content.”

“Taste better because [you’re] filtering out most [of] the alcohol content,” agreed another person.

One viewer said that the hack worked a little too well for them. “So true we did cheap vodka and it was 50 proof n I swear it tasted like water and I ended up puking on the floor at my best friends house…”

But many joked that they loved the German liquor so much, they didn’t need to use the Brita filter hack in the first place.

“I can down Jäger like water already,” wrote one fan, while another chimed in, saying, “I refuse to believe that Jägermeister can taste better than it already does.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Semi Sauced via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2023, 3:04 pm CDT