Guests say they found blood splatter in their hotel room

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‘That’s a crime scene’: Guests say they found blood spatter in their hotel room

'I would ask for a new room immediately.'


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Posted on Mar 24, 2024   Updated on Mar 24, 2024, 9:44 am CDT

There’s something about hotels, especially Vegas hotels, that gives off the feeling that something gnarly can happen at any moment. Maybe this can be chalked up to stories about hard-boiled private investigators which almost always seem to feature something that either went down or is about to go down— dead bodies pop up like plastic gophers at a Chuck E. Cheese in these gumshoe detective tales.

But is this perception supported by real-life evidence? Maybe back in the day when all you needed was a fake name and cash payment for the room up front, but according to Crime Scene Cleanup, “murder was the least frequent crime committed.”

The outlet referenced a study that “sample[d] 820” different hotels, which accounted for about 5.5 million daily travelers. The number of murders that occurred every single day in these establishments: 2.

And it seems like a TikToker who posts content under the account That Chipper Bunch (@thatchipperbunch) may’ve booked a hotel room where something like this went down, or whatever caused blood to allegedly spatter on the mirror and wall of her bathroom. She uploaded footage of the lurid-seeming find, calling the marks on the hotel room’s interior “disgusting.”

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The TikToker, who was traveling with someone else, tagged the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas (which was the site of a shooting in 2022).

“Somebody tell me why we just found splattered blood in our hotel room?” she begins. “I was just in the bathroom doing my hair and I happened to notice that there’s literally, splattered blood all over the wall.”

She transitions her camera to record what looks like specks of blood Jackson-Pollocked over the bathroom mirror in the upper right-hand corner of the fixture. It appears to travel across the wall as well.

The woman points out that there isn’t just blood sticking to the mirror, but also hair.

“All over the mirror, up on the wall,” she says. “Like tell me that’s not blood. That’s disgusting. Housekeeping was just here…so she’s gonna tell her supervisor about it.”

Commenters seemed just as shocked and grossed out as the TikToker was over the find. One wrote, “Please tell me it has been taken care of and fast.”

Another user appeared concerned with the compensation and “how are they gonna make it up to you?” situation, writing, “Contact the manager immediately. Ask for another room and that they compensate you for the night you stayed in that room.”

Another wrote, “Ask for the manager and get a different room!”

While someone else recommended they immediately reach out to the authorities.

There were a lot of folks who thought, however, that the TikToker’s assessment of the situation may not been entirely spot on.

One wrote, “I don’t know if that’s blood.”

Another person had an entirely different take on the situation, saying, “Possibly? Or condensation mixing with dirt, dust etc. This happened when I moved into my old apartment. The bathroom had these colored drippy lines.”

One explanation: Cosmetics, according to this user on the app who penned, “I had a face oil explode all over and it looked like blood all over my mirror/vanity. So it’s possible this isn’t blood.”

Then came the folks who thought that it was all due to needle usage. Maybe folks were jabbing themselves with insulin, or recreational drugs.

“I found syringes in the toilet tank because it kept on running constant. I wanted to stop,” one wrote.

Someone else wrote, “That is from needles.”

So what ultimately happened with the room? In a follow-up clip she explained that she went to Vegas to attend a photography conference (she works in wedding photography) and while she was doing her makeup in the bathroom she looked up and noticed the spatter.

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She says hotel staffers quickly cleaned up the mess after she posted her video and told the woman they would be reaching out to her.

She didn’t receive a message from the hotel, however, she says they could’ve missed the call to their room as they were at the conference that day. After bringing up the issue to employees at the front desk, they were ultimately comped food for the week while they were there, which the TikToker seemed to be satisfied with, adding that they didn’t feel the need to change their room upon checking in.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas and the TikToker via email.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 11:00 am CDT