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‘I know you’re not gonna tip’: Bartender shares customer behaviors that give her the ick

'Like that's disgusting.'


Grace Rampaul


Posted on Feb 16, 2024

The Roaring Twenties are back. Whether you party it up with Paris Hilton at the Ivy, Miley Cyrus at Warick, or even take shots with Kendall Jenner at OUE Skyspace LA on some random Thursday night in the Hills, the nightlife opportunities are endless. 

Los Angeles is home to over 2,284 bars, each seeded with its own personal sense of je ne sais quoi and charm. Yet, it’s important not to forget about the backbone of these establishments: The bartenders.

Standing behind a rotting mahogany plank of wood, encrusted with spilt cocktails and the drunken tears of a lonesome drinker, the bartender is always there to make sure each reveler is taken care of. So, it’s our job to take care of them too. 

And that’s exactly what TikToker @alexawilliss has to share. Posted on Jan. 30, sitting at just over 8,600 views and 443 likes, the Los Angeles-based barkeeper opens up to viewers about common customer behaviors that truly get under her skin.

“Get ready with me while I tell you guys my bartender icks as a 3-year bartender,” Alexa begins.

Now according to Urban dictionary, an ick can best be defined as something someone does that induces an instant turn-off. This can be something as small as double-texting or can be a little more personal, like bad breath. So, in nightclub settings, like Alexa’s, the list can be seemingly perpetual. 

“When someone walks into a bar and it’s a full bar and they say, ‘What do guys have?’ What do you think we have? Everything,” Alexa starts off.

“When I’m making another customer’s drink and another customer hands me a checkbook, while my hands are full, […] What am I supposed to do, drop the drinks and grab it? Not happening,” Alexa continues.

Not even one-minute into her makeup routine, Alexa brings up the most controversial topic at hand, tipping. 

For most, tipping may seem like the polite, customary thing to do, especially when most bartenders are working directly for tips. But in cases like Alexa’s, it’s not as common as one may hope. 

“This should be an obvious, but when someone writes ‘You’re so cute, oh I love you,’ or puts hearts and smiley faces on the checkbook but a $0 tip,” Alexa says. 

Putting on her base layer of creme foundation, Alexa slowly begins to get more heated as she recalls all the instances in which she has gotten shorted a few quick bucks.

And then the tip list goes on, and on, and on… 

“If somebody asks me to ‘hook it up’ on their drink, I’m giving you a smaller pour than a single pour because I know you’re not gonna tip me,” Alexa says.

“If someone is giving you free drinks on the house and then you don’t tip them. How does that logically make any sense to you?” Alexa says.

“I understand that inflation is high and everything is just getting more expensive, but you shouldn’t be going out if you cannot afford to tip your bartender,” Alexa says.

Alexa maintains a composed attitude as her soliloquy continues, yet stays firm in her belief that tipping is crucial.

“If you can afford a bunch of drinks, you can afford to tip your bartender. They live for their tips,” Alexa says.

Commenters were also quick to stand in unison with Alexa on this topic as well. Acknowledging that tipping is the only right thing to do when coming in contact with those in the service industry.

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“Big on everyone should work in the service industry at least once !!” one account commented.  

And Alexa agreed. 

Now the list did not seize on the topic of tipping. Alexa then sprinkled in a series of other surprising, almost uncannily humorous, “icks.” Making sure to cover every base of what surely does happen in the nightly routine of being a bartender. 

“When I have all the garnishes on the bar, like the olives, the lemons, the limes, the cherries and people just walk up and grab it with their own fingers. Like that’s disgusting, ” Alexa says for example.

Assuring to speak on every topic gracefully, Alexa gave viewers true insight on what it’s like to work behind a bar. She explained that there are seemingly endless possibilities for who could walk in next or what may happen. She also acknowledged that her circumstances are slightly different than others  based on her location and clientele. 

“I understand that some bars are really chill and lenient with this stuff,” Alexa says. “ But I’m coming from a place of a nightclub that was very strict […] these rules are very important to them.”

At this point, Alexa begins to come to a close in her beauty routine. She puts down her tools, shows off her fresh face of foundation and powder. She then flashes a peace sign and a quick kiss, and signs off. 

“I hope you guys enjoy my little rant and I’ll see you next time,” Alexa concludes. 

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2024, 6:00 am CST