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‘I’m terrified’: Bank of America customer says $11,000 were stolen from her—and bank workers were in on it

‘This is why I left Bank of America. One of the worst banks.’


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Bank of America workers stand accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a customer.

In a viral video that has amassed over 441,000 views and over 11,000 comments as of publication, TikToker Mackenzie (@mackenziemeaw) explained why she believes the bank’s workers are responsible for her missing cash.

“Bank of America has stolen over $11,000 from us,” the woman began in the clip. “And yes, I’m talking about the actual employees who work at Bank of America.”

Mackenzie said she quit her job due to her pregnancy and resulting sickness, which meant her boyfriend became the main breadwinner. She then said her boyfriend had been working very hard to provide for the couple and their unborn child.

What happened to the money?

The woman alleged that her boyfriend took his paychecks to the bank and deposited them, but the money never showed up in his account.

“But we have not seen a paycheck in over five months,” she continued. “My bank account is negative. And we have been promised over and over again compensation.”

To corroborate her claim, Mackenzie said the bank has video footage of her boyfriend at the bank making the deposit.

The TikToker also said a bank manager and teller have already been arrested.

Yet, she said the bank has done nothing to get her and her boyfriend their funds.

“We still don’t have any money, and our gas is being shut off tomorrow,” she said. “All of our bills are overdue.”

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This is not the first time a TikToker has used the platform to question Bank of America’s practices. One woman accused the bank of closing her account for no reason and vowed never to allow her to open another. Another said a Bank of America ATM stole $1,000 from her when she tried to deposit it.

Mackenzie said she and her boyfriend are still unable to access the funds despite the bank reportedly promising them $18,000. She also accused the bank’s district manager of being “in on” the scam.

“He has decided to stop answering all calls and completely ghosted us when he was supposed to give us the money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie said her financial predicament continues to deteriorate, leaving her unable to pay for rent, gas, her rented washer and dryer, and food for her pets.

“I genuinely don’t know what to do anymore,” she lamented.

In the comments section, TikTokers urged Bank of America to take action.

@Bank of America I recommend fixing this, like, yesterday,” user sierranickole12 wrote. “Commenting to boost.”

Others urged the woman to get legal representation.

“GET A LAWYER!!!!” user Shannonhb27 wrote. “This is HUGE. You’re due waaaaayyyy more than $18k.”

“If you accept money from them they may try to use that as a ‘settlement,’” user Kaitlin said. “Talk to a lawyer before you accept anything from them.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Bank of America via email and to Mackenzie by TikTok comment for more information.

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