Bartender shares PSA for what to do when the ‘baddie’ bartender talks to you

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‘What if she called me honey tho?’: Bartender shares PSA for what to do when the ‘baddie’ bartender talks to you

'But what do I tell my heart?'


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Posted on Dec 29, 2023   Updated on Dec 29, 2023, 2:07 pm CST

In a humorous yet insightful 9-second TikTok video, Matthew Rangel (@therealmattyr), portraying a bartender, has captivated over 714,000 viewers by shedding light on a common pitfall among beer-drinking patrons—falling for the “tatted-up baddie bartender.” Rangel, known for his candid content, humorously educates his buddies on the realities of bartender-customer interactions, especially when it comes to the alluring charm of bartenders.

The clip shows Rangel in a mock conversation with his friends, addressing a typical scenario where customers misconstrue professional friendliness for personal interest. Rangel advises, “Again, what do we say when the tatted-up baddie bartender calls us ‘babe?'” He then humorously answers his own question with, “She’s just doing her job. She’s not the love of my life.” This light-hearted exchange encapsulates a common misunderstanding in bars and restaurants, where bartenders’ friendly, engaging nature is often mistaken for flirtation or personal interest.

The comment section for the video offered lots of laughs. A commenter quipped, “Okay, okay…what if she called me honey tho?” Another joked, “But what do I tell my heart?” 

In another case of the “but…,” a person wrote, “But she says “it’s good to see you” every tiime tho.”

“I’ve had this video on repeat for the last hour because I still haven’t learned,” said another commenter. One man says he’s completely ignoring Rangle’s advice: “Instructions unclear. Fell in love again.”

Rangel’s video is entertaining and serves as a gentle reminder to patrons to maintain respectful boundaries and recognize the professional demeanor of service staff. His message resonates with many who have found themselves or seen others get slightly infatuated with their charismatic bartender.

Aside from his viral clip, Rangel has used his platform for other public service announcements related to bar and restaurant etiquette. In another popular TikTok video, he urged patrons to stop putting trash into empty glasses, highlighting a common annoyance for staff and promoting better customer behavior. Collectively, these videos showcase Rangel’s efforts to foster a better understanding and respect between patrons and service workers.

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Rangel’s approachable and comedic style makes his content relatable and effective in conveying messages that might otherwise be awkward or difficult to discuss. He bridges the gap between humor and reality, making his advice both enjoyable and educational.

The virality of the video and the engagement it has garnered highlight the wide-reaching impact and relatability of such content. As viewers continue to enjoy and share Rangel’s videos, the lessons embedded within them reverberate through the TikTok community and beyond.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Matthew Rangel (@therealmattyr) for comment on the “baddie” bartender video and the impact of his bartender-centric content, further illustrating the interest in the crossover between entertainment and everyday social dynamics in the hospitality industry.

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*First Published: Dec 29, 2023, 2:00 pm CST