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No one’s head exploded, thank God.

Over the weekend, satire and reality mirrored themselves a little too closely.

On Saturday Night Live’s season finale, host Andy Samberg produced a pitch-perfect excoriation of contemporary EDM culture. He portrayed an overpaid DJ named “Davvincii,” likely modeled after Swedish superstar DJ Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii, and spoofed a culture where the DJ does little actual music-making, and the audience just waits for the bass to drop. When the bass does drop, several fans’ heads literally explode.

That same night, in Toronto, Bergling played a gig at Rogers Centre, where 29 people were hospitalized.

While no heads exploded, several concertgoers were thought to have become ill after “overdosing” on alcohol and/or drugs. Toronto EMS claimed they transported 10 people to the hospital, but the Rogers Centre also had its own medics on standby for the sold-out, all ages show, and other reports claim 29 people were sent to the hospital, after the venue become “overwhelmed” with sick fans. There was one arrest.

There were no reported deaths, but Toronto city council member Giorgio Mammoliti did place the blame with the promoter for making it all ages. In a press release, he said:

“This only proves that it doesn’t matter whether these events are held on privately owned or government lands, they are dangerous events to hold as ‘all-ages,’ allowing kids to be present.”

Bergling didn’t mention the incident in his tweets from the night, but it’s possible he didn’t find out about it.

He was likely too busy “killing it” at the Rogers Centre.

However, he did retweet the SNL sketch.

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