Noted “iCarly” live-tweeter Anthony Bourdain revealed the reason for a delay on his American Airlines flight: Someone “dropped a wet deuce on a seat.”

There are many common reasons why a flight might be delayed: mechanical failures, poor weather, a late passenger. American Airlines had an ickier reason for a several-hour delay on a flight Anthony Bourdain was set to fly on: Someone “dropped a wet deuce on a seat.”

The chef and TV host went ranted on Twitter after learning his flight would be held up.

Bourdain complained to his wife that AA was late as usual. Without an episode of iCarly to live-tweet, Bourdain passed the time by making observations about the airport and referencing Denzel Washington’s Oscar-nominated role in Flight.

A short while later, Bourdain revealed the likely cause of the delay:

There’s no word yet as to whether Bourdain arrived safely—or if Al Roker was on the previous flight.

Photo via Fran Walterman/YouTube

Bored Anthony Bourdain live-tweets “iCarly”
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