The actress’s masturbation-tweets-to-normal-tweets ratio is nearing 50/50. Also: the world’s largest snowball fight, “Girls” season 2, and “American Psycho” meets Pokémon.

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• Best Supporting Actress nominee and premier Internet nerdcrush Anna Kendrick’s masturbation-tweets-to-normal-tweets ratio is nearing 50/50.

This video of a bird singing dubstep is the best thing to happen to Skrillex.

The world’s biggest snowball fight happened in Seattle on Saturday

It’s the classic American Psycho “subtle off-white coloring” scene. With Pokémon cards. Wow.

Storyboard talks to Tumblr-famous rapper and Kreayshawn tourmate Chippy Nonstop, who got her name “literally because I eat a lot of chips.”

• Nintendo needs to stop giving Earthbound the shaft

• Everything you need to know about the Girls season 2 premiere.

Photo via gageskidmore/Flickr

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