Amazon delivery driver issues PSA to customers who live in rural neighborhoods

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‘This is how you do it’: Amazon delivery driver issues PSA to customers who live in rural neighborhoods

‘These are the best customers.’


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Amazon delivery driver and TikToker A.Z. Almighty (@our_elite_finds) issued another PSA to folks who live in rural neighborhoods: Invest in a separate box for all non-USPS deliveries.

“PSA: Everybody who live in these rural a** neighborhoods these long a** dirt roads and stuff,” the Amazon delivery driver says as he approaches the front gate of a home that appears that have a dirt road leading up to the main house.

He then walks up to a plastic bin placed in front of the gate, presumably for non-United States Postal Service delivery drivers to use.

“This is how you do it,” he says, showing the additional mailbox placed by the homeowner, along with a laminated placard that shows logos for UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, and USPS.

The sign appears to be fixed to the front gate by zip ties. It’s a set-up that received a head nod from the delivery driver, and one that he points to as a shining example of how folks who live in these kinds of environments can ensure their packages are protected and give delivery drivers clear instructions on how to best do their jobs.

“This is how you do it. Perfect,” he says into the camera before the video ends.

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Why can’t Amazon drivers use mailboxes?

Previously, the Daily Dot covered how A.Z. issued another message to folks who ask non-USPS delivery drivers to place their ordered items inside of their mailbox. He stated that these mailboxes are reserved for USPS usage only by law and that other parcel service workers could lose their job if they place deliveries inside of them. So if you’ve ever wondered by an Amazon delivery driver didn’t comply with your request in the delivery instructions text dialog box to just leave the package inside of your mailbox, that’s why.

Historically, many post offices in rural communities across America have struggled to keep up with the demands of customers ordering from Amazon. The Washington Post also penned a piece about the complications and stresses a particular office experienced when it was told to prioritize Amazon packages to customers over other mail.

In areas that experience these issues, more delivery drivers are necessary, which is why “hacks” like the one showcased in A.Z’s video could help establish a more efficient system for ensuring packages are properly delivered. However, some people stated that these designated delivery boxes won’t exactly work everywhere.

“And all the sketchy neighbors know all of your packages are in there,” a user commented.

Another shared their own PSA for individuals who live in rural areas, writing, “And for the love of god get some lights out there.”

One TikToker shared another suggestion that seems like a pretty straightforward ask: “The best… the only other thing I ask is that you put your freaking address on the gate or something.”

But there are some drawbacks to these kinds of setups, namely, from critters seeking shade. “Careful lifting them lids I had one once and a dam rattle snake was chilling inside one,” one wrote.

And there was another commenter who shared how they intentionally worked on their property to help facilitate an easier package delivery situation for drivers: “I spent $2K clearing and rocking a circle drive so y’all can pull up and leave without having to back into the road.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to A.Z. Almight via TikTok comment and Amazon via email.

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