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‘They be having us do all this extra work for something that doesn’t weigh anything’: Amazon worker blasts customers who order small items

'When you drive 30 miles down a long driveway just to drop off a piece of paper.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 7, 2023

An Amazon delivery driver with more than 15,000 followers on TikTok posted a video shading customers who order small packages, along with other videos describing the daily struggles of a delivery driver. 

It’s struck a relatable nerve.

A. Carter, @ajcarter88, says in the video how he drove “30 miles down a long driveway just to drop off a piece of paper.” 

Other self-described delivery drivers shared comments to the video, one said, “Once did an hour for one envelope in the middle of the desert, and the drive back another hour.” 

Someone else commented, “I put that sh*t in the mailbox sometimes lol.”

The viewers who didn’t agree with Carter’s video left comments saying “It’s your job,” and “You’re paid to deliver, not ask what’s being delivered.”

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The clip was received more than 16,500 views since going live on June 25. Carter did not respond to any of the negative comments. In previous videos he posted he has made other complaints about the issues Amazon drivers have to go through. 

For example, Carter makes humorous videos like his experience when the “customer didn’t know he had to use a passcode to receive his package,” or another video, “when your phone dies in the middle of your route and now you’re about to be behind.” 

Carter has gained his following on TikTok and has been posting delivery-driver related content to his account since 2021. His tagline in his bio is “your favorite delivery driver,” and has responded to viewers insuring that the majority of his videos are jokes. Carter uses hashtags like #justjokes and #comedy on his videos. 

Carter did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via TikTok. We’ve reached out to Amazon.

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*First Published: Jul 7, 2023, 6:57 pm CDT