Aldi customer shares laundry basket hack


‘As an Aldi worker I hate when people do this’: Aldi customer shares laundry basket hack

'This lets you skip the entire bagging process.'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 14, 2023

An Aldi customer shared what she believes to be a great hack bypassing the grocery bagging process. However, it’s not universally beloved.

The TikTok video showing off the hack came from creator @edenkimofficial, a self-declared “Michigan Mom of Three,” who gathered more than 412,000 views since getting this up on the platform July 26.

“Aldi’s laundry basket shopping hack is one of my favorite hacks that I use,” she begins.

@edenkimofficial I saw a video of this a few years ago and ive been using it ever since!! Makes my life so much easier. 😁 #shoppinghacks #aldifinds #aldihack #momsoftiktok #momtok #momlife #sahm #moms ♬ original sound – eden

“All you have to do is bring a laundry basket with you and put it in the back of your cart,” she continues. “Then do your shopping as normal and then ask the cashier to just put your groceries directly into the basket.”

She then adds that “this lets you skip the entire bagging process” and invites commenters to weigh in.

Those commenters, however, included Aldi workers.

One commenter noted, “As an Aldi worker I hate when people do this. A lot of people don’t know this but we try to put everything in the cart by weight.”

Another added, “If you tell us ahead of time it’s fine. I’ll never refuse a request but it can be stressful and a gamble due to a lot of sensitive customers.”

But one weighed in with, “As an Aldi worker as well, i love this, and if its too heavy, [that’s not] my problem lol.”

And another noted, “As an ex aldi employee, THIS is a hack I can get behind. Doesn’t inconvenience the cashier and is still effective.”

But one commenter noted a potential flaw, remarking, “Maybe use a basket where the weight wont break it like this one lol.”

The international grocery chain, founded in Germany, encourages customers to bring their own bags on its website. Text on its About Us page, encouraging the practice, notes, “To help ensure our checkout process is efficient, and to further our goal for a cleaner planet, ALDI encourages our shoppers to bring their own bags and to bag their own groceries at our bagging counters. Don’t have a bag? No worries! You can always purchase our reusable or paper bags for great prices at the checkout counter.”

It does not, however, say anything about bringing your own basket.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Aldi via online form.

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2023, 10:22 am CDT