airplane landing (l) airport entrance with 'departures' and 'arrivals' lane, captioned 'POV: going to the departures entrance for airport pick ups' (r)

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‘Keep this one a secret’: Woman shares super hack to picking up loved one at the airport

‘We gotta gatekeep some things y’all.’


Nina Hernandez


A woman recently shared what is perhaps the ultimate hack for people who like airport pickup duty.

But this is far from the only viral travel hack making the rounds lately. Here are a few of the most interesting strategies that will hopefully keep you ahead of the curve during the summer travel season ahead.

Airport pickup hack

airport entrance with 'departures' and 'arrivals' lane, captioned 'POV: going to the departures entrance for airport pick ups'

Last week, a woman disturbed the natural order of the internet by revealing her super hack for picking up a loved one at the airport. The trick? Taking the departures lane instead of the arrivals lane. But other travelers are warning her to keep the secret to herself.

TikTok user Ashlee (@itsmeash_) posted the video of her airport hack last week. In the caption, she wrote, “That arrivals line is ALWAYS toooo long.” The video has amassed more than 528,000 views as of Monday morning, because, apparently, Ashlee isn’t the only person to think of this airport pickup strategy.

One user shushed her in the comments. “Sssshhh yall talk too much on this app,” one user wrote. Another said, “we gotta gatekeep some things yall.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashlee via TikTok direct message for comment.

Day-of flight hack from an airline worker

young woman in car with caption 'Text yourself your flight #'

TikTok creator Darby (@durbinmalonster) worked in the airline industry for three years. During that time she learned that iPhone users can text themselves their flight number with the proper airline code, and it will automatically populate as a link. Travelers can click on the link to get real-time updates on departure and arrival times, the gate number, and the duration of the flight. “I never have to look at the screens in the airport anymore,” she said.

Miniature alcohol bottles hack

hands holding baggie with single-serving alcohol bottles caption 'Cause who trying to pay $30 for a drink at the airport'

Who wants to spend $30 on a drink at the airport? Well, one traveler definitely doesn’t. And that’s why she employs this travel hack. Specifically, TikTok user Nicole (@nicolenotnicki) recommends filling a TSA-approved toiletry bag with mini bottles of liquor. As users in the comments noted, this is perfectly legal behavior. You might run into a problem, however, if you crack one of the bottles open during the flight. It’s illegal to consume your own alcohol while in U.S. airspace. So maybe save it for the lounge.

Sitting alone hack

Passengers on commercial aircraft
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The social media manager for a travel site went viral back in January after she posted a “parody” TikTok that shows her in an airplane row completely alone. The on-screen text read, “When I buy 3 refundable seats and cancel 2 at the last minute.” After backlash, the site clarified that the video was merely a joke and the woman didn’t in fact employ the tactic described. While some users thought it was a great idea, others pointed out that you might be foiled if you try this and there’s a standby list.

Traveling with just one carry-on hack

young man wearing multiple pairs of pants with caption 'GRWM for my 1 carry-on item only flight'

OK, but what about hacks that help in avoiding excessive checked baggage fees? Well, TikTok user Matty (@mattymendy) has an idea. And that is to simply wear all of your clothes at the same time for the flight. You don’t have to carry a bag if all your stuff is on your person. The outfit includes multiple layers of T-shirts, several pairs of jeans, and even a spare set of Converse sneakers in his back pockets. The hero that we didn’t know we needed.

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