mother showing 7 year old daughter with a heart tattoo


‘I’m mad & she’s not even my child’: Mother says her 7-year-old was tattooed without her consent

‘It’s healed all the way.’


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A shocked mother discovered a permanent tattoo on her 7-year-old daughter after the child stayed with her father’s side of the family.

TikToker @newskii_soexotic24 posted about the harrowing situation in a series of TikToks, the first being an interview-style clip where she questions her daughter about the incident.

@newskii_soexotic24 Im just wondering what would possess someone to tattoo my child. #part1 #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

In the clip, the mother speaks directly into the camera, stating that her 7-year-old daughter called her to ask if she could get a tattoo. She then angles the camera to show that her child is sitting next to her and begins questioning the young girl about the situation.

“Who idea was it for you to get a tattoo?” the mother asks. Her daughter explains that her aunt suggested it. “So she just offered to do you a tattoo? What’d she say?” the mother continues.

The 7-year-old says that her aunt asked whether she got her mother’s permission. She explains that she and another young girl told her aunt that she had not.

“So you told her your mom said no, and what’d she say?” her mother asks.

“She said OK,” the daughter responds. The mother then questions whether the aunt gave a child a tattoo after being told she didn’t have permission, which the daughter confirms with a nod. She then explains that she was the first to get a tattoo, and two other girls followed.

“Did she change the needle?” her mother asks. The daughter shakes her head back and forth, adding, “No,” after her mom asks again.

“Luckily, you went first,” the mother says. “What, she just drew on you and then—let me show y’all the tattoo.”

At this point in the clip, the mother angles the camera to reveal a crude heart drawing on her daughter’s leg. As she displays the tattoo, the daughter confirms that her aunt didn’t draw on her beforehand; rather, she “just did it.”

In a second, long-form video, the TikToker addresses several questions from viewers, the first being how she was able to remain so calm about the situation. The mom says that she already contacted the police and child protective services. “There’s not much I can do,” she adds, noting that the incident happened out of state and that she’s several months pregnant.

@newskii_soexotic24 PART 2 of my 7 yr old getting tatted! YES IM ANGRY YES I CALLED THE POLICE AND CPS #fypシ #viral #part2 ♬ original sound – Newskiinew24

Another recurring question folks had was how her child ended up in the care of someone who would tattoo multiple children at once, with the same needle, no less.

The TikToker explains that she was “trying to be a good mother” by allowing her daughter to visit paternal relatives since she doesn’t have siblings or many peers to play with. The mom says her daughter’s father, who she usually coordinates visitation with, is now incarcerated. Thus, the daughter was left in the care of her paternal grandmother, who then passed the child off to her daughter, the young girl’s aunt.

However, when she contacted authorities about the tattoo, the mom learned that the aunt’s living situation wasn’t a stable environment.

The TikToker then plays a portion of her conversation with police, who were unable to locate the young girl’s aunt. The officer on the other end of the line says the aunt doesn’t have a current address and was last seen three weeks prior squatting at a location that other residents have since occupied.

After playing the recording, the TikToker speaks to the camera again, stating that she’ll be taking her daughter to the doctor to “run tests” and ensure she’s well.

Toward the end of the clip, she also says that the grandmother claimed the tattoo was “henna,” which the TikToker says is impossible, as she tried every which way to wash it off.

Several viewers who watched the clip praised the woman’s equanimity. One wrote: “I’m proud of you mama! You gotta be strong af to remain so calm, you’re mama you can’t be in jail. Let it be handled. You did right!”

“I can’t imagine the feelings you’ve been having,” someone else wrote. “You are a great mom advocating so strongly for her. Stay strong, mama.”

Another viewer strongly urged her to take her daughter to the doctor: “Im so sorry you’re dealing with this if you can definitely take her to the Dr because who knows If thst needle was clean.”

The irate mother posted additional follow-up videos about the situation. In one of them, she reveals the identity of the 28-year-old woman along with her social media handles and various photos.

In an additional 9-minute TikTok video, she delineated how her daughter’s paternal grandma began reaching out to her and claiming that the tattoo wasn’t real. She says the woman told her it was just “henna pen” but later changed her story, stating that it was real, but the 7-year-old used the ink gun on herself.

The mom then shows her Instagram direct message conversation with the grandmother, who is angry that the woman is talking about the aunt on social media. She accuses @newskii_soexotic24 of lying and apparently posted several diatribes about her in a series of Facebook posts.

The TikToker shared that she commented on a few of the posts with photos of the tattoo and explanations that she “snitched” on the woman because she doesn’t want anyone else’s children to be tattooed.

She then gets her 7-year-old daughter on camera to show off the ink on her leg. She questions her daughter on the grandmother’s claims, which the young girl categorically denies. The mom films as she attempts to call the grandma over Instagram’s video chat feature but gets no response. She ends the clip stating that there will be a “part 4” when her daughter’s father responds to the situation from jail.

The Daily Dot contacted @newskii_soexotic24 via TikTok comment for further information.

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