Customer orders 4 iPhone 15 pro maxes. He receives 60 instead

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‘This is over a $100,000 of revenue missing’: Customer orders 4 iPhone 15 Pro Maxes. He receives 60 instead

‘This is over a $100,000 of revenue missing’


Vladimir Supica


A TikTok user claims to have received an unexpected windfall in the form of 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max devices as a result of a mix-up by Apple.

Giovanni Petruzziello (@legends_gio) took to the platform on Nov. 1 to share a video about the astonishing situation. “So I ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Maxes, from Apple, directly. And I ordered them in September,” he said in the video. “One being for me, the other three being for my media guys.”

Petruzziello claims that he received a small box that contained one of the iPhones he ordered. However, what he didn’t expect was three other larger packages that came with it. “Three identical packages, that big. I was like, ‘What is that, like, I didn’t order anything, so I brought one inside, took a knife to it, opened it up.”

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The TikToker proceeded to open one of them and show a stack of iPhone boxes inside. “Last thing I expected it to be was all iPhone 15 Pro Maxes, every single one, one terabyte,” Petruzziello said as he pulled one of the iPhone boxes out of the package, confirming it’s an iPhone 15 box. “And there’s two more boxes of them with the same amount, I would assume.”

“Where were these supposed to go? The TikToker asked. He then did some quick math and concluded that the phones are worth over $100,000.

“There’s 20 per box, right, 20 per box. You have roughly 60 of them here at $1700 a piece. Over $100,000 of revenue, missing,” he remarked before concluding the video by saying: “I could probably get in trouble for posting this because they’re probably searching for it now. But what do I do?”

The video quickly went viral, garnering over 15 million views. Commenters flooded in, showcasing a mix of disbelief, envy, and amusement.

“61 iPhone 15 somebody gonna lose their job,” one user wrote.

“Congratulations on your soon to open Apple IPhone 15 store,” another joked.

“Just return them. Save someones life, job,” a third suggested.

“Why are Rich people always so lucky,” a fourth added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Giovanni Petruzziello via TikTok direct messages and to Apple via its press email.

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