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‘3 hours of time? What was that? $30’: Woman says she was fired for ‘time theft’ after making an HR report

'Yeah time for a lawsuit. they just don’t wanna pay people.'


Marlin Ramos


Posted on Jan 11, 2024   Updated on Jan 11, 2024, 11:04 am CST

Time theft is a term companies use to describe when workers use company time to do non-company-related tasks. One TikToker shares how they were fired for allegedly committing time theft as far back as three months ago.

In the video, Kenya Broadnax (@kbmakeupme24) describes to viewers how she was called into a meeting with her managers, leaving the name of the store she worked for undisclosed. Broadnax says the managers presented her with a paper citing 13 instances over 90 days where she allegedly took extended breaks while clocked in, resulting in around 3 hours and 20 minutes of stolen time. The managers reportedly asked Broadnax if she remembered the specific dates and times of these instances.

 “Baby, we’re in January. Why are you asking me stuff from October? No, I don’t remember taking an extended 23-minute break from something that was in October, OK?” she said in the video.

The clip has 1.2 million views and over 3,500 comments.

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Besides the fact that her managers allegedly waited three months to bring up the incidents, there are a few other strange things about the way Broadnax was fired. Firstly, she said her managers didn’t give her any warnings or discussions about the infractions before firing her, even though that’s the company’s typical procedure. In fact, most workplaces give workers a heads-up for infractions like attendance. Human Resources (HR) experts say that firing on the spot is not wise as it can lead to future legal repercussions. Unless the worker is posing an immediate threat to the safety of others, it’s best to provide warning and disciplinary actions first. 

“As a manager, I was so confused why you didn’t get a write up or smth?? Where I work, there are SO MANY disciplinary actions before termination. Especially for attendance,” wrote one commenter.

Broadnax said she denied intentionally stealing time and told her managers it was simply a “lack of time management” on her part. However, she also said she signed the paperwork presented on the infractions and wrote a confession stating she understood why she had been called into the office.

The plot thickened when Broadnax told viewers about a similar situation that happened to a co-worker who is also a friend of hers. 

Her co-worker was called into a meeting 45 minutes after her and also fired for about three hours of time theft within a 90-day period, according to the TikToker. Broadnax believes their terminations are related to a previous HR report they filed against a former employee that resulted in that employee’s termination. Broadnax believes this former employee is seeking legal action against the company, so she and her co-worker friend were let go under the guise of time theft to make matters easier for the company. However, Broadnax stated this is all just her speculation.

Broadnax, a makeup artist and content creator on TikTok, has been chronicling the struggles of working different retail jobs on her page for some time. A previous Daily Dot article covers how Broadnax was allegedly unfairly demoted at Sephora. 

“Thank you for coming to my TED talk,” Broadnax said to end the clip.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Broadnax for comment via email.

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*First Published: Jan 11, 2024, 4:00 pm CST