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‘Breakfast of champions’: SkipTheDishes customer orders 3 White Claws with their scrambled eggs at 9am

'Maybe it's just been a rough morning.'


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Posted on Aug 12, 2023   Updated on Aug 12, 2023, 3:14 pm CDT

They say that there ain’t no laws when you’re pounding White Claws, which is of course hyperbole. It’s not like gripping a can of the malt-liquor seltzer while committing crimes is going to absolve you of charges—arguably, you’d need to have a lot of power to get away with something like that.

But it seems some folks think there certainly aren’t any laws as to when’s a good time to slam down a White Claw, as food service employee and TikToker Tiffany Elsie (@tiffanyelsie.e1) shows in a viral post.

In her TikTok, Tiffany reveals someone’s SkipTheDishes order at Burger World in Algonquin, Ontario, Canada contained three of the hard seltzers and a single order of a Grand Slam Breakfast, which comes with scrambled eggs, toast, and poutine with cheese curds.

@tiffanyelsie.e1 Maybe they are on night shifts.. maybe it's just been a rough morning.😂🍻 #breakfastofchampions #whiteclaw #nojudgement #serviceindustry ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Single Version – Tears For Fears

Her clip garnered over 50,000 views as of Saturday. She writes in a text overlay of the TikTok, “Barely five minutes into my shift and we get this order.” After she has a co-worker show the receipt for the order to the camera, she then swings her phone around to focus on a clock hanging in the kitchen area—it reads 9:04am.

Elsie didn’t seem to be too judgmental in a caption for the post, however, writing, “Maybe they are on night shifts.. maybe it’s just been a rough morning.”

Some viewers seemed less surprised by the order but were blown away by the cost of the three White Claws and Grand Slam breakfast.

“$55?? FIFTY FIVE DOLLARRRRSS???” one user wrote, but Elsie broke down why the cost was so high, writing, “They also got a breakfast plus upgraded their potatos and then it added $5 tax, then skip adds all their fees.”

Another person couldn’t understand why they would purchase three White Claws from the restaurant and wouldn’t just get a case as they would get more bang for their buck.

“3 for 26$?!” the user wrote. “Lazy bones should go get a case.”

While it would seem concerning that someone would choose to drink alcoholic beverages so early in the day, some places wouldn’t bat an eye to see someone knocking back a beer or cocktail at 9am—like the airport. Sure, this kind of Wild West atmosphere can often lead to a series of viral moments showing drunk passengers getting kicked off of airplanes, or even fellow fliers of not being real, but at least they can lead to some pretty choice memes.

It’s also worth considering that a number of folks say that they find it difficult or downright impossible to get drunk off of hard seltzer beverages. Some customers have reported feeling a significant level of bloat, and even stomach pains after consuming hard seltzers like White Claw. Well and Good writes that the inflammation caused by consuming alcoholic beverages, merged with the carbonated nature of seltzer, can create a specific reaction in people’s stomachs that make them feel more gnarly than they would with other boozy drinks.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Burger World via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2023, 3:13 pm CDT