Taco Bell drive-thru customer pays almost $28 for a Baja Blast

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‘I hardly ever use cash’: Taco Bell drive-thru customer charged $27 for a Baja Blast

‘The most expensive Baja Blast ever.’


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A mixup over a Baja Blast at a Taco Bell drive-thru led to this TikTok creator nearly purchasing the most expensive soda ever. It was all caught on camera.

The video was uploaded by Rebekah Hollar (@bekahollar) on April 15 and has more than 5.4 million views. It resurfaced online last week.

The video begins with Hollar at the window of a Taco Bell where she orders a Baja Blast. 

“Will that be all for you?” asked the cashier.

“Yes,” Hollar replied.

“Alright, pull forward for your total,” said the cashier.

She waits at the window with a $5 bill in hand for her order, and she comments on the seemingly long wait time: “I just ordered a Baja Blast. I don’t know why it’s taking so long. I guess they just wanted to make it fresh for me.”

The most expensive Baja Blast ever

Eventually, the cashier came to the window with the total, but nothing could have prepared Hollar for the exchange that ensued.

“How [are] you doing? $27.99,” said the cashier.

“Oh, I just wanted a Baja Blast,” Hollar replied.

“I thought you wanted a water, too?” the cashier asked.

Hollar clarifies her order and says she just wants a large Baja Blast. The cashier then repeats the exorbitant price to Hollar again, leaving her even more confused.

“OK. $27.29,” said the cashier.

“$27?” Hollar asked.

“29,” the cashier said, finishing Hollar’s sentence.

Noticing Hollar’s confusion, the cashier asks Hollar if she ordered a No. 10 and water, to which Hollar replies no, just a large Baja Blast.

After both of them realized the mixup, they burst into laughter.

“Nevermind, you can keep it,” Hollar joked.

They continue to laugh as Hollar hands her the $5 bill to pay the $2.69 for her Baja Blast.

“The most expensive Baja Blast ever,” Hollar laughed.

The exchange comes to an end as the cashier hands Hollar her change.

“You made my day,” the cashier laughed.

“You made mine too. Thank you,” Hollar replied, laughing.

The video ends as Hollar holds up her large Baja Blast to the camera.

“Here it is! My $27.99 Baja Blast.”

The Daily Dot spoke with Hollar via TikTok direct message about the mixup.

@bekahhollar This made me laugh harder than it shouldve 😂 #tacobell #bajablast #drivethru ♬ original sound – rebekah hollar

“It was just a funny mistake made by the Taco Bell worker. I was recording myself because I thought it was funny I was just ordering a Baja blast in a [drive-thru] and nothing else.”

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