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‘Got us too’: Couple shopping at Cabela’s buys 7-ounce popcorn bag from a boy scout. It was more expensive than they thought

‘we just got robbed by a neighbor boy for some.’


Jack Alban


A duo went viral on TikTok after revealing that they spent $25 on a small bag of popcorn purchased from a Boy Scout. 

In a nearly 45-second clip, Jackie (@jackie_k_dunn) and Trent encouraged viewers to guess how much the 7-ounce bag cost before ultimately revealing the grand total. As of Wednesday afternoon, the video, uploaded by Jackie, had over 448,000 views. 

“Trent and I were just at Cabela’s… and there was this little boy selling popcorn,” Jackie said. Trent chimed in, too, adding that the two were “just trying to be nice.”

@jackie_k_dunn We played it so cool though, don’t worry #boyscouts #popcorn #fundraising #WHAT ♬ original sound – Jackie 🌼

The duo didn’t check the price of the treat before agreeing to purchase it, though. That’s when Jackie encouraged viewers to guess what they paid for the small bag. 

“You’re wrong,” Trent said. “Whatever you said, it’s wrong.” Later, they revealed that the popcorn cost $25. Thankfully, neither seemed too mad about the situation. Jackie joked about “leaving no crumbs left” and “licking the bag” to get her money’s worth. 

In the comments, several viewers shared similar experiences.

“I bought two items for $60… I tried not to react until I got to my car!” one shared. 

“we just got robbed by a neighbor boy for some,” another said. 

“Got us too,” a third user wrote.

Others, meanwhile, applauded the duo for supporting a good cause. 

“The scouts do so many good things with the funds they earn! Both my sons are Eagle Scouts!” one person wrote. 

“From a scout mom and the wife of a scout leader we thank you!” another echoed.

The Boy Scouts organization, founded in 1910, has been instrumental in shaping young minds and teaching them leadership, responsibility, and community service. The funds raised, whether through popcorn sales or other initiatives, have historically gone toward supporting various community projects, camps, and educational programs. 

But Boy Scouts of America has been entangled in several scandals over the years. According to the New York Times, Boy Scouts lost half its membership between 2019 and 2021.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Boy Scouts Association via email and to Jackie by TikTok comment.

Update 11:58 am CT Oct. 19: In an email to the Daily Dot, a representative for the Boy Scouts Association of America said the popcorn is not sold for retail, but rather a gift given to donors of a certain amount.

“The annual popcorn sale for Boy Scouts of America is a fundraiser to support local Scouting units. Donors receive a bag of popcorn at various levels as a thank you,” they stated. “It is not a retail sale similar to a store purchase.”

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