Customer says restaurant charged her $1,000 for 3 pieces of shrimp


‘$1000 for them to clean out their fridge and serve it to me!’: Customer says restaurant charged her $1,000 for 3 pieces of shrimp. It’s $18

‘Watching yourself get COOKED on TikTok for paying $1,000 for shrimp and cotton candy.’


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Going out to eat can become a foray into the unknown when trying something new. Without looking at the menu ahead of time, depending on the price point of the restaurant, there is no telling what a customer might find.

At a high-end restaurant, it can become particularly dicey, as tasting menus and small portions are common. One customer of the Made in Miami Bar & Bistro, a higher-end restaurant in Miami, Fla., joked online that she had been charged $1,000 for three individual shrimp on top of a small pile of what appears to be cotton candy with a liquid poured over it.

The poster, Tamarrah (@tamarrahj_), says she did not know what the liquid poured over the cotton candy was.

“Because why the f*ck do they charge so much to pour liquid who-knows-what-the-f*ck over three pieces of shrimp?” she says in the video. “They f*ckin’ played me guys, they f*ckin’ played.”

The poster has since turned off the comments on the video, only captioning it with “LOL.” In a follow-up video that also has the comments turned off, she wrote in her caption that she was joking, and it might not have even been true to start with.

“POV: Watching yourself get COOKED on TikTok for paying $1,000 for shrimp and cotton candy,” a text overlay on the video reads.

The menu for Made in Miami Bar & Bistro does list a cotton candy and shrimp item, but it comes in at just $18, not the $1,000 claimed in the video.



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The Daily Dot has reached out to the poster via Instagram direct message, as well as to the restaurant via email.

This video is part of a recent spate of customers claiming to be charged outrageous prices for what used to be affordable luxuries. However, due to inflation, the cost of eating out at restaurants has increased dramatically.

One customer of The Melting Pot bared the receipt from her recent outing with friends that cost a whopping $297. She determined that the high cost was ultimately “worth it,” per the caption on her video.

The sticker shock of eating outside the home is not limited to high-end dining, either. A McDonald’s customer shared their surprise when their meal cost $16—all for fries, a beverage, and a burger.

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