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‘Hondas have ac issues like a lot’: Mechanic explains why you shouldn’t trust 1-year warranties on new AC repairs

‘It’s nice to see not all “mechanics” are just part changers!’


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Continuing a streak of viral videos, a popular mechanic warns car owners about getting one-year warranties on new AC repairs.

Royalty Auto Service (@royaltyautoservice) has gained a reputation as a reliable source of information on TikTok and built up a loyal following with videos about online car buying scams, what used cars to buy for $10,000, and why people shouldn’t buy air conditioning car kits. In this video, the owner, Sherwood, garners over 96,000 views when he explains why car owners should not only compare details of quotes they get from auto repair shops but also why they should never agree to a one-year warranty.

The video begins with Sherwood working on a 2015 Honda Fit’s AC unit. Sherwood details that the car needs a new compressor, condenser, and receiver dryer, as well as to have its expansion valve removed and its evaporator core flushed.

The key detail in his explanation comes from why he needs to add new parts.

“You could just slam a compressor on it, but that’s going to boomerang back pretty quick because all that debris is in the system. It’d be like putting an engine in and dumping the old oil back in the engine,” Sherwood says.

After explaining how a quick fix would make the situation worse, Sherwood turns to getting one-year warranties. Most mechanics, according to Sherwood, will offer a one-year warranty on patchwork repairs.

“This is why we do a five-year warranty because we do it right,” Sherwood remarks.

He adds that repair price matters a lot. If “you don’t want to spend,” you’re more likely to see the lower price as a benefit; however, he advises that the quotes could offer different services.

“There’s a reason there’s a difference in price,” Sherwood says. “If somebody’s giving you quotes, get the specifics on what they’re quoting you. What are they specifically doing to the car to make it right?”

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Multiple viewers jumped into the comments to thank Sherwood and the camera person for explaining the issue in detail.

“I didn’t know this stuff and I was going to slap a new condenser in my car. Exactly why I follow,” one said.

“I love The Professor, he explains everything so well!!! Camera man, he asks helpful questions and/or adds to the conversation great!! Really enjoy this channel!” a second agreed.

Others added their own thoughts about the AC repair.

“AC compressor are known to go out in the Honda Fit. I got mine done a year ago,” a viewer shared.

“Just replace the whole car,” another replied.

“5 yr warranty I mean hey. That’s worth his price,” a third added.

“It’s nice to see not all ‘mechanics’ are just part changers!” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Royalty Auto Service for comment via contact form.

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