Flirty bacon tweets may shed light on Donald Trump Jr.’s divorce

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He claims in one tweet that he has a ‘bacon fetish.’

A former model shared screenshots from Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday night showing a strange bacon-fueled message from the businessman–but a quick scan of his Twitter shows that his “bacon fetish” and love for the meat has been brought up a lot.

Melissa Stetten posted several screenshots of a conversation she and Trump Jr. had in light of the news that he is getting divorced from his wife, Vanessa Trump. Stetten claims the son of now-President Donald Trump slid into her DMs “a month after his wife gave birth.”

The screenshot shows Trump Jr. telling Stetten he was “getting shit” for his “bacon comment” before saying he was glad he did not send a tweet asking for “pics from ur bathroom tweet last night ;).”

Stetten said she had deleted tweets during their exchange, but Trump Jr.’s are still up and they’re pretty bizarre.

In fact, it appears that their conversation was part of a bacon-tweet spree the eldest son of the president went on on Nov. 20, 2011.

Stetten said the “bacon comment” Trump Jr. made was in reference to her period, but it is just one of several bacon-related tweets he sent the same day of his alleged DM to Stetten.

In one, he asked: “why don’t women come up w bacon perfume?”


But shortly before that, Trump Jr. decided to ask an open question about people’s bacon-linked sexual preferences.


In what now seems like a cringe-worthy tweet, Trump Jr. also responded to Stetten telling him she was “soaking my body in bacon today” by telling her to stop because he’s “a happily married man ;).”


But the bacon-obsessed tweets don’t stop with his conversation with Stetten.

A quick search for “bacon” among Trump Jr.’s tweets shows that he’s spent a lot of time talking about the meat–including one where he references his wife not wanting to eat it.

“Thought I was having dinner w @MrsVanessaTrump till i saw her remove bacon from a sandwich. Who are u & what have u done w my wife?” Trump Jr. tweeted on Nov. 11, 2013.


Clearly he loves bacon. There are a number of other bacon tweets including: him saying he’d only go on a “veggie cleanse” if “bacon miraculously became a veggie,” him complimenting “bacon bread” that was served at a Trump property in Chicago, and not being on board with “organic nitrate-free turkey bacon.”

Andrew Wyrich

Andrew Wyrich

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