The New York Times actually printed its giant list of Trump insults

NY Times Trump insult list

Photo via Clifford Levy/Twitter


What’s more ridiculous than the New York Times‘ list of every person, place, or thing Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter? The same list, but in print. 

That’s right, the Gray Lady actually printed out all 281 nouns the Republican nominee has ripped on in tweets since he launched his presidential campaign last year. 

As impressive as the list is in print form, the online version, which first published months ago, is actually much more useful, with every insult linking to the original tweet. 

Publication of the Trump-insult list comes just 15 days before voters head to the polls to select either Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States.

If Clinton’s lead in the polls holds solid through Election Day, however, the only name-calling making any headlines will likely be “madame president.”

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