Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania Republican primary

New York businessman Donald Trump easily beat Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Pennsylvania Republican primary on Tuesday night.

The results were consistent with the polling average, which put Trump at 48.3 percent and Cruz at 26.6 percent on Tuesday afternoon. 

Pennsylvania’s unusual delegate system made the state one of the most interesting of Tuesday night’s five contests. The Keystone State awards only 17 delegates to the winner of its primary, but each of its 18 congressional districts also elects three district delegates—for a total of 54—who can support any candidate they want at the Republican National Convention in July.

Prior to Tuesday’s contests, Trump led the delegate race, with 845 delegates to Cruz’s 559, according to the Associated Press tally. Kasich had 148 delegates.

Residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island also voted on Tuesday.

The candidates from both parties will next face off in Indiana on May 3.

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

Eric Geller is a politics reporter who focuses on cybersecurity, surveillance, encryption, and privacy. A former staff writer at the Daily Dot, Geller joined Politico in June 2016, where he's focused on policymaking at the White House, the Justice Department, the State Department, and the Commerce Department.