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Dude crashes high school Zoom class and blows smoke into the camera

Students are sharing links to their classes with #zoomclasscodes.


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Posted on Aug 28, 2020

A video posted to Reddit on Thursday shows someone intruding on a high school class over Zoom and blowing smoke into the camera as the teacher asks them to leave. Similar class intrusions are becoming increasingly common.

In the beginning of the 43-second video, the intruder calls the teacher a “bitch.”

The teacher says, “That’s OK, you can just leave then.”

The intruder responds, “Bitch, I graduated. Suck my dick.”

“Good for you,” the teacher says. “Stop, this is not at all appropriate. Why are you in a high school class right now?”

The intruder then smokes something and blows the smoke into the camera.

“I hope you know that all these meetings are recorded,” the teacher says. “And you probably just got your sibling expelled.”

One redditor commented that “teachers are trying their best,” and this behavior adds to the stress of online learning.

Other commenters emphasized the necessity of a “boot” feature where Zoom hosts could kick out intruders without issue.

As students at various levels of education adjust to virtual learning for the fall semester, some are sharing Zoom codes and requesting that others crash their classes.

Students, primarily in high school and college, have used the Twitter hashtag #zoomclasscodes to share class Zoom codes. Some posts include recommendations on what names to use, and others include extra codes for password protected classes.

While some instances are meant to be lighthearted, other instances of “Zoom bombing” take it too far. In the spring, Kim Kardashian joined a class and gave life advice, while another university class was interrupted by a Zoom bomber spouting racial slurs at attendees.

One Reddit commenter said that sharing Zoom codes is not just the students’ faults.

“It’s the combination of an already abysmal school system that leaves you feeling un-motivated and useless and the fact that they’re trying to port that to an online setting where they think the kids won’t act out at home,” they commented. “It’s sort of just a huge fucking set of terrible circumstances cause this country is quite frankly a joke now.”

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2020, 12:41 pm CDT