Worker shares trick after giving 'best' interview of her life

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‘I’ll be doing this for all interviews’: Worker shares job interview hack after giving the ‘best’ interview of her life

'This is actually genius!'


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Posted on Feb 26, 2023

A tech sales career consultant posted a viral clip to TikTok (@techsalesgal) about the “best” interview she’s ever given for a company. She says it stemmed from her decision to answer a common question asked by interviewers differently than she normally would.

She was so enthusiastic about the results of this new approach that she decided to share it with her followers, calling herself a “genius” in the process.

The TikToker says in the clip, “I just gave the best interview of my life and I will be doing this for all interviews as long as I live.”

She says how the interview started pretty normally, with the recruiter asking to hear a little more about her.

It’s a standard opener that many job interviewers go with. However, @techsalesgal says that she decided to deviate from her normal response.

She says it usually went something like, “Hi, I’m Liz, born and raised in Southern California moved to Boston 7 years ago, broke into tech sales 5 years ago.”

The creator continues, “And then I kind of one by one go through each company on my resume and because I’ve job hopped a lot, I feel like it opens the door for conversations I don’t wanna have.”

Her decision to take a different approach to interviewing, however, is what inspired her to make a TikTok. “So I did something new today,” she says. “I said, ‘I am happy to share anything about myself during this interview. I do want to know, though, what you’re most interested in learning about me.”

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She tells her audience the reason she did this, saying, “‘Because it really varies from person to person and company to company, what they’re looking to hear, and since we only have 30 minutes, I want to make sure I’m telling you what’s most important to you.”

The TikToker says the interviewer looked impressed and he ended up asking her to talk about a specific work experience related to the job position.

She says that her decision to take the conversation in a new direction gave both the interviewer and interviewee an opportunity to talk about very pertinent and brass tacks job requirements. The TikToker claims the move also allowed her to skip over the “ugly” parts of her career that she didn’t want to talk about.

“I also just think it’s such a good question because it’s a pattern interruption where you’re like, ‘I’m happy to talk about myself but what do you wanna learn?'” she continues. “And that is also how you should think about selling, right?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @techsalesgal via TikTok comment for this story.

Viewers who saw her post applauded her response and said that her choice to pose that question to her interviewers demonstrated an expert ability to sell.

“That response also low key highlighted your sales skills,” a user shared. “Like you said, exactly how you’d talk to a prospect before a demo!”

Another commenter penned, “As a recruiter, I love that. It implies you’re actually engaged, and not robotic. I would much rather it be an open convo. Good idea!”

Someone else mentioned, “talking through every job is boring as a hiring manager. I want to hear about what people are excited about for the role. great approach.”

Others didn’t think that the response was such a genius-level reply, with one user writing, “I’d be irritated if you asked me this, because your ‘tell me ab you’ response should already be tailored to focus on your relevant experience.”

However, it seems the trick may have worked because the creator posted another video less than a month later stating she recently signed an offer for “over $200,000 on target earnings,” which she explains is the amount she would receive if she hits her quota.

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*First Published: Feb 26, 2023, 4:48 pm CST