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‘You can’t do your lunch break workout, make your healthy lunch, do your laundry’: Worker shares why WFH is ‘crucial’ to mental wellbeing, productivity after being asked to return to office

‘They tried to make me go in 2 times a month I quit & found a 100% remote job.’


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There are reportedly roughly 4.3 million remote workers in the U.S. Many of those workers started working remotely at the onset of the pandemic, and some are now being asked to return to the office for the first time in two years.

One of those workers, who calls work from home “crucial” to her mental wellbeing and productivity, is sharing the impact this will have on her and her everyday routine.

In a video that was viewed over 132,000 times, TikToker Taylor (@taylorrosee11) shares she has to return to her office, which, for her, means she can no longer do all the things she was able to do from home, like work out during her lunch break, make a healthy lunch, do laundry, wear comfy clothes, and not have to wear makeup.

@taylorrosee11 Wfh is crucial to my mental well being and therefore my productivity. #corporatelife #workfromhome #techsales #remotework #atlanta ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Workers shared their similar gripes with having to return to their offices in the comments section of Taylor’s video.

“I have to go in once a week and it is dreadful,” one said.

“Lunch workouts changed my life, I will never go back into the office,” another wrote.

“We are going two days a week, and I just don’t understand why. Like, if I can do my job from home three days a week, why do I need to go in the office?” a third questioned.

One commenter shared they quit their job after their workplace “tried to make me go in two times a month.” “I quit and found a 100% remote job,” they said.

And that’s not a unique experience. Reports indicate that workers are quitting in hopes of finding more flexible job opportunities after their offices implemented return-to-office policies. Furthermore, a survey from ADP Research Institute found that 64% of workers across the world would consider quitting if they get asked to return to the office. Some companies reportedly figured a looming recession would prompt workers to finally return to the office. However, Fortune reports, citing a Basking.io survey, that the opposite appears to be happening as workers who went into the office earlier in the year are now going in less.

The Daily Dot reached out to @taylorrosee11 via TikTok comment.

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